Patch - August 7th

Version ID: HX

Fixes & tweaks:

- New option in the settings menu! You can now disable screenshake.
- There's a new secret thing in the game!
- A certain map now has a clear counter like other maps, so you can actually fully finish it. This should retroactively activate if you've already cleared the map.
- Changed the way the level selector works. This shouldn't affect the playing experience apart from one level adjustment listed below. If you note new bugs with the level selector, I'm very interested in knowing about them.
- If you'd try to enter two levels at once, the game now opens a menu to pick from.
- Added a visual indicator for movement that "fails" (i.e. ends up not moving the object). So if Baba moves against a Shifting object, you'll now get a small visual indicator that some movement happened.
- Fixed a buggy cutscene when the player states All Is Win And Done
- A large adjustment where all relevant sprites were moved to a "general" sprite folder instead of many of them being specific to the main game
- You can now use "Return to map" in a certain sub-map
- Fixed the secret mentioned in the previous update
- Fixed a level selection -related bug
- Fixed a particular Win-condition not working
- Fixed a rare conditional statement not working
- Maybe fixed a small graphical glitch related to the game's ending
- Fixed a case of the player not being able to enter a level despite having the map cursor on them
- Fixed a case of the game trying to enter an erroneous level in certain circumstances
- Fixed a case of the game ignoring a level if it thought you were trying to enter two levels at once
- Fixed an accidental extra map cursor being left on a map because I forgot to remove debug features like a silly person
- Fixed a slightly annoying error with how the map cursor is positioned in certain rare situations
- Some extremely obscure cornercase fixes
- The game now stores a temporary save file when you save! In case the save file gets corrupted, you now have a backup to save the data. Yay!
- Fixed the game storing sub-second frame timing data improperly; not very important but I guess the game tracks your playtime more accurately now
- Fixed a graphical glitch in an ending-related thing
- Fixed a case where the borders of the levels were considered Empty
- A lot of underlying work for translations
- Fixed a rare bug relating to an endgame conditional word

Level adjustments:
- Elusive condition (prevented an unintended & tedious solution, found in Chasm)
- Floodgates (used to have tons of rules, adjusted the level to have the same idea with less fixed rules, found in Chasm)
- A Way Out? (just blocked off a bit of the level that could've worked like a red herring, found on the main map)
- Another Way (same as above)
- ???
- Meteor Strike (an unintended solution)
- Triplets (a large unintended solution)
- Rocky Road (found in Forest of Fall, changed Foliage to Rocks to keep the name sensible)
- Hidden Path (covered some words with red herring-like potential)
- Out At Sea (found in Garden, added water that I had removed during 

For modders (spoilers!):
- The maximum object number has been increased to 150, with Cursor using object150
- The map selector/cursor is now an object instead of its own thing. This means that it can be Pushed/Pulled and so on. As a result of this, the old "Set Selector" button in the unfinished editor now spawns one of these Cursor objects at the beginning of the level (assuming there isn't a Cursor there already). One Cursor is selected as the "main cursor" and when you beat a level, only the main cursor is positioned onto the beaten level.
- A new intrinsic rule has been added to rules.lua, "Cursor Is Select". Select governs objects that work like map selectors. If you want to use it in your levelpacks, be wary in that it can be wonky in some special cases.
- If you're using [spoiler]letters[/spoiler] in a level, you can now add the line "customobjects" to that level's .ld file to define custom words that are considered valid when creating the rules. These words gain the word type 8, which you need to enable for conditionals etc. using the "argtype" quality.

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