Build 474

- Added Snail
- Fixed "X Is Y And All" causing bugs
- Fixed Word not behaving in certain undo conditions
- Added Simplified Chinese translation into the game
- Fixed various mobile issues (not yet available)
- Fixed issue with level thumbnails bugging out
- Fixed a crash related to 3D


Baba Is You (Linux) 88 MB
Dec 15, 2022
Baba Is You (Mac) 116 MB
Dec 15, 2022
Baba Is You (Windows) 106 MB
Dec 15, 2022

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My Baba is you is on version 476 tho (Pls update this ver)

hi, i dont know where else to contact you lmao

i got this game a year ago in a bundle, and i downloaded it today for the first time

i press to start but all i see is a black screen, the music is happy and this goes indefinitely

unless i press anything, the music becomes ominous and on top of the screen (still black) two icons appear

on the left it says "Z" and a small mug icon, and on the right "R" and "cup"

i looked up walkthroughs to see if that's how it's supposed to be but i haven't seen anyone experience this

the menu works fine otherwise as far as i can tell, but i cant play the game

Hi! I have some hunches as to what's going on there. Are you playing the game through the Itch app or by clicking on the game executable? Are you on Windows/Mac/Linux?

im on windows, i downloaded the file through the link i get from the bundle and then i just run the .exe

Alright! In that case I suspect that the game files are in a folder that prevents the game from reading them properly. Could you try placing the game on the desktop or the root of C:\? If my hunch is correct, that should fix the issue.

i just tried extracting the folder and running it from both locations and it still seems to be the same :[

Could you send this report to contact [at] hempuli [dot] com so that I can relay the necessary details to someone who can troubleshoot this further?