Version 470

- Fixed one of Museum's maps having unclear level icons

- Added a new level in Museum of Unused Levels

- Fixed Feeling & Not Feeling combining in a buggy way in certain cases. If you see infinite loops/freezes, tell me!

- Fixed Empty being unable to move twice in a turn. Might've caused unstable Empty interactions!

- Fixed a small coding error with Fear

- Fixed Empty Is You And Win And Defeat not winning even if there's empty space left after Defeat activates

- Added some safety code for undoing after a Level icon has been destroyed

- Fixed a HUGE bug related to an object transforming to multiple objects in a single turn

- Fixed a largeish letter- & stacking-related issue

- Fixed X Is All being applied on level start

- Fixed Revert and and endgame word not working together

- Fixed two Level, Bonus & Safe interactions

- Removed some accidental duplicated code

- Fixed "Without Not X" not working correctly

- Fixed "Empty Is All" not working

- Fixed Empty Is Not Empty erroring

- Fixed X Write Not Y causing bugs

- Fixed being able to stack level icons in the editor

- Worked more on metatext support (still not finished)

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Thanks for all your hard work!