Version 465

- Added Paper and Scissors! Note that once again levels using these are unuploadable until the update hits Switch

- You can now define custom objects for gates to open into! It requires a bit of file wrangling - look for an example in the file Worlds\debug\3level.ld; the '0unlock' determines what object the gate turns into when it opens

- Fixed that silly lua error message you got in the level menus

- Fixed the restart modhook for good, maybe?

- Some work on background images resizing in stretched levels (not finished)

- Fixed Museum not granting the "fully completed" star

- Fixed a case where an object could be renamed in a way that caused bugs

- ï and ë were swapped in the font

- Fixed "X Write Word" parsing as "X Is Word"

- Fixed one of Museum's maps having unclear level icons

- Added a new level in Museum of Unused Levels

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