Patch - April 2nd

Fixes & changes (among others):
- New fix for the audio issues
- Fix to an area not getting the "completed" flower
- Fix to the new zoom mode potentially not working
- Fix to save slots 2 & 3 sometimes bugging when you start a fresh game on them
- Fixed a level with "Cliff" not appearing properly as an object
- Fixed a lua error related to undoing when Float is involved

- Fixed a newly-introduced bug related to "Not"
- Fixed a bug where undoing didn't revert certain qualities
- Fixed a bug where the main map included unintended areas as being required for completion

Adjustments to at least these levels:

- Buried Treasure
- Depths
- A Way Out?
- Another Way
- Insulation
- Secret Garden
- Babas Are You
- The Pit
- Guardians

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