Patch - March 27th

Version ID: GJ

It's been awfully long since the last patch; GDC does that, I suppose. Anyway, here we are!

Bugfixes etc:
- Fixed a lua error in A Way Out?
- There's a new zoom mode - stretch!
- Fixed the ABABA bug
- Fixed a bug where the sound crackles when fading
- Fixed the general sound snap bug
- Fixed the bug where alt-tabbing reduces performance greatly
- Fixed an infinite loop related to "Word"
- Alleviated the issue with multiple Push objects in a row. Still ways to go with that, though

Level adjustments:
- Two new levels! One is in the Lake area, one is hidden
EDIT: I immediately realized that the former doesn't work like it should, d'oh
- Coronation promoted to an extra level
- Levels shuffled around in Cavern a bit
- Eye of a Needle removed (sorry about that)

At least these levels have been tweaked:
- Endless Corridor
- Meta
- Tunnel
- Overgrowth
- A Way Out?
- Elusive Condition
- Condition
- The End
- Passing Through
- Coronation
- Metacognition
- Adventure

For the next update, there are still some level tweaks to do, and at least 3 larger bugs to squash. Thank you for your patience!

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Are all of those specific pc and mac fixes or Switch version is getting some love too? ) I haven't encountered any bugs playing so far, but just wanted to make sure ) 

Lol, this game must take a lot of tweaking.  It's so intricate. 

i seem to be getting an error rn where when i open settings, it gives me a lua error that says Data/Editor/editor_menudata.lua:221: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value. when i click ok im on the settings screen, but clicking the buttons doesnt work, only the sliders. otherwise im loving this game!