Patch - March 15th

Version ID: GJ

Hi! It's time for the first bugfix & tweak patch!
- Fixed a bug where certain interaction with the word Pull caused an infinite loop
- Repositioned "return to map" in the pause menu
- Fixed an issue with opening the pause menu while a level was restarting
- Fixed a typo in the credits text

I've adjusted (among others) the following levels:
- Prison
- A Way Out?
- Ghost Friend
- Backstage
- Grand Stream
- Maritime Adventures
- Alley


Linux (tar.gz) 105 MB
Mar 15, 2019
Mac (dmg) 104 MB
Mar 15, 2019
Windows (zip) 108 MB
Mar 15, 2019

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Level Avalanche is still built incorrectly. It has "WALL IS STOP", but no actual wall tiles. It has cliff tiles and "CLIFF IS NOT FALL" though, so that's probably what you meant.

Edit: Stardrop and Meteor Strike can be cheesed with "BELT IS S T A R IS FLAG". You can finish "S T A R" right next to a belt, and there's two turns before "FLAG IS WIN" is disrupted, exactly enough for belt to to star (and then flag).


Thanks for the report! I've fixed the latter but hadn't noticed the former.