Version 451c

- Fixed an issue where certain uppercase symbols could break the hand-drawn font

- Added several missing translation lines in. Sorry about that!

- Renamed certain levels with placeholder names

- Reworked the way Revert works; it should now be more optimized and not bug as easily

- Removed some unfinished translations from the game files until they're more complete

- New level in Familiar Lands!

- Fixed various Write & Is -related interaction bugs

- Fixed | not showing in the hand-drawn font

- Added Write properly into the editor

- Fixed the F4 commands being able to detect words redacted from the object list

- Fixed a small visual glitch in the main game

- Modding: added MF_buttonclicked(name) - returns true if a GUI button is clicked

- Modding: added buttonclicked(name) - when a GUI button is clicked, the game can run custom functions if there's an entry for the button in the table buttonclick_list (found in modsupport.lua)

- New level in Land of Vehicles!

- Multiple fixes to Write

- Fixed a recursive submenu bug

- Fixed Mac/Linux issues, apologies for that

- Fix to a cornercase where Fear would cause an object to move in a buggy way

Levels adjusted:


- Baba Needs Friends

- Keke The Guard

- Sideways fireplace

- Seasons

- Once More With Feeling

- Flight Academy 1, 2 & 3 (cleaned up their layouts a bit)

- Settlement

- Unsettling

- Outreach moved from Familiar Lands to Starry Lands

- Skull Pile

- Parakeet Bouncer

- Forage

- Bunker (big rework)

- Pushing Uphill

- Happy Dance

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