Hotfix 3 - November 18th

Build 436:

- Fixed a bug with the map music in the new maps

Levels adjusted:

- Fragile Existence - Old (major fix)

- More Unused Levels (big adjustment)

- Train

- Train 2

- Skull Pile

- Safety Vest

- Parakeet Bouncer

- Pushing Uphill

- Happy Dance

- Harvest Party

- Milky Way

- Sun Boulevard

- Land of Delicacies

- Appetizer

- Sideways Fireplace

- Blow The Candles Out

- New Adventures

- Seeing B

- Garden? What Garden?

- Private Garden

- Secret Clearing

- Safety Box

- Safety Box 2

- Moonrise, Sunset

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Spoilers: Outreach can still be won without using the "above" functionality. Put a left-facing Baba where the It word starts, remove push, push It Is You all the way up to the hedge, have Flag Is vertically two places to the right and then use the rest of the words to prevent You from moving past Flag Is You. To prevent players from doing this, it looks to me like just one more step is needed between the Move activation and the Husk Is Foliage chamber. I tried the Above method and I had 13 moves to spare, so if you move the chamber one to the left it should be fine as far as I can tell:


I bought baba is you on Nintendo Switch to play with my friends at school. I already knew that there would be a level editor (for which I bought the game) with the word "you 2" (Nintendo Switch is a console for companies and for some reason I believed that there would be "you 3" and "you 4"). I was waiting. I tested the beta on a computer. But when the game was updated and on the Nintendo Switch, I was disappointed. Firstly: there is no button "enable advanced features" (in the steam version there is such a function, but in my country on Nintendo Switch the game is more expensive). Secondly: you cannot use the second joycon for "you 2". Please update the game to Nintendo Switch. And if there is still "you 3" and "you 4" then I will be delighted.

(1) Редактор уровней для Nintendo Switch? : BabaIsYou (


Can't install the right version from the itch desktop app, the Windows and Linux platform tags are switched, so the app only shows me the Linux one.

Same thing happened to me! So I now have the Linux version on and no matter how I try to reinstall it's just Linux and won't run.