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I bought baba is you on Nintendo Switch to play with my friends at school. I already knew that there would be a level editor (for which I bought the game) with the word "you 2" (Nintendo Switch is a console for companies and for some reason I believed that there would be "you 3" and "you 4"). I was waiting. I tested the beta on a computer. But when the game was updated and on the Nintendo Switch, I was disappointed. Firstly: there is no button "enable advanced features" (in the steam version there is such a function, but in my country on Nintendo Switch the game is more expensive). Secondly: you cannot use the second joycon for "you 2". Please update the game to Nintendo Switch. And if there is still "you 3" and "you 4" then I will be delighted.

I'm not getting the option to download with the Itch desktop client. It gives me the "Cannot read property 'build' of undefined" error, which I think means the executable wasn't set to the Windows platform.

same here