Tiny fix - March 17th

The in-game gamepad database was broken; this patch just fixes that.

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Hi Arvi -- thank you so much for this game.  My son is 4 and between the two of us we have like 80 hours via Switch.  It's doing great things for our sanity during this social distance thing.

We bought it on Itch hoping to play it in the Linux VM for Chromebook but it's running on ARM architecture.  Is there any chance you have an ARM build for Baba somewhere?

Hi! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game on Switch! Unfortunately we don't currently have an ARM build available, though. Sorry about that.

Deleted 250 days ago

There was recently an anniversary sale, the timing of which differed slightly between marketplaces; perhaps you mean that?

Ah, they are in different currencies, sorry to bother you.