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Huge apologies for the lack of activity on Baba Is You - there has been just so much to do, and not only business-wise. We have an update coming soon, some of which has been in the works for 6 months. Due to this long time of accumulation, I've done some other changes on the side to make future work easier. Makes sense, I think?

Anyway, one of these side things has been starting work on the official level editor. Since the debug editor already within the game isn't super nice to use even in terms of its more basic functionality/UI, I decided to overhaul quite a bit of stuff. It's neat! This means that the final editor will (hopefully) be able to offer a better user experience.

However, since the editor isn't finished yet (and won't be in a bit; more news on that coming later), as the next update arrives the current editor will be broken. Like, probably unusably so. Therefore I'd recommend that anyone who has been making levels using that editor back up their game and use an older version. I could technically even set up an "old version" branch on Steam to allow access to the times when the editor was as it is now.

Again, apologies, both for my lack of activity regarding Baba and for these upcoming inconveniences. It'll almost certainly be for the best in the long run!

TL; DR: The in-game editor will break soon, back up your game if you'll miss it!

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Thanks for the update!  Could you place the version number for the game somewhere on the title screen?  That way, I can identify the version I have.