Version 1.1.3

- Added Guitar, Piano, Sax & Pixel
- You can now scroll the Featured Levels list without waiting for it to finish loading every time
- Some work on making Featured Levels more stable
- Empty and Locked should work better now
- Fixed a rare Level and Tele -related crash
- Made Floating objects still respect Z values between each other
- Custom music should now work in the editor properly
- Fixed a Level-related trick to break a savefile
- Fixed some bugs with Hide
- Fixed Not All working wrong when used as a conditional parameter
- Fixed the locked gate requirement appearing wrong in some cases
- Fixed a rare cornercase where the level cursor could make wrong levels unlock
- Fixed a bug with newline functionality in translations

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Custom music? Ooh... :)

Speaking of music, I made a cover of "Box has Key" called "(Beep) Box has Key."

It won't let me post the tinyURL link so here is a different link for the music:

I called it that because the music software is called BeepBox, geddit? :)