Official level editor releasing on November 17th!

Hi everyone!

It's been a long time; apologies for the silence. However, now we have something cool to announce: the level editor update, Baba Make Level, goes live this Wednesday; specifically 15:00 CET on November 17th!

See the trailer here: 

What does this mean for the editor beta?

The intention behind the editor beta was to allow players who had bought the game but didn't have access to Steam's beta build system a way to try out the editor and make their own levels. Once the editor is officially out, this purpose will have been fulfilled. However, since many people have seemed to find the beta editor useful, I'll keep it available and update it to have parity with the full level editor (sans the new levels and such, of course). If everything goes like it has so far, the editor beta can coexist as its own thing alongside the "official", paid editor. However, if there's a time in the future where e.g. we need to rework the level database heavily, so that keeping this parity would be a large drain of resources, we might opt to leave the beta editor unupdated. Hopefully that won't happen, but I want to be open about the possibility of this happening.

The update adds:

- The official editor, with tutorials and such 

 - The ability to share levels online with other players 

 - A curated "Featured Levels" list 

 - Over 150 entirely new levels 

 - Over 100 unused/cut levels from the original game, with some having developer commentary 

 - New art 

 - New music 

 - New rules 

 - Bugfixes & polish

The full update log will probably be posted here or on the Hempuli blog. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your support and patience.

Get Baba Is You level editor beta


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I bought baba is you on Nintendo Switch to play with my friends at school. I already knew that there would be a level editor (for which I bought the game) with the word "you 2" (Nintendo Switch is a console for companies and for some reason I believed that there would be "you 3" and "you 4"). I was waiting. I tested the beta on a computer. But when the game was updated and on the Nintendo Switch, I was disappointed. Firstly: there is no button "enable advanced features" (in the steam version there is such a function, but in my country on Nintendo Switch the game is more expensive). Secondly: you cannot use the second joycon for "you 2". Please update the game to Nintendo Switch. And if there is still "you 3" and "you 4" then I will be delighted.