Version 406

Whoops, I accidentally numbered this version based on the Steam build. Apologies!

- Added the option to have no music in a level

- Fixed Featured Levels list not allowing leaving the list or changing the page while loading a new page

- Fixed Not X Is Group not working correctly

- Disabled dragging objects in the Object Palette while tags are applied

- Fixed the line tool having a length limit

- Fixed Empty Is Power & Level Is Power not working

- Fixed the quickbar being buggily visible when returning from level upload

- Fixed several issues with object metadata in the editor (this might've caused lots of new mystery bugs, please report if so)

- Fixed Sad occasionally being wonky when undoing

- Fixed a small graphical issue with Belt & Sleep

- Fixed Party particles being positioned wrong

- Fixed(?) a bug where the quick-picking functionality (F4) could cause words to appear in odd places

- Fixed a bug where deleted objects attempted to move, causing errors

- There's a WIP version of the Rain song now available!

- The editor music now keeps playing from where it left off when you return from testing a level

- Fixed a bug where Has could try to create nonexistent objects

- Fixed a bug where Has combined with Group could create the same object multiple times

- Added Pet!

- Added Potato!

- Fixed a bug that allowed placing nonexistent objects in the editor

- Fixed a bug that made certain words sometimes refer to the wrong object

- Fixed a bug where some transformations happened at the wrong time

- Made certain menus look better when changing language

- Made the menu selector behave more consistently when moving between menus

- Changed wording in the editor; the background particle effect is now just 'effect' for clarity

- Fixed a bug that made undo not work properly in editor

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The ability to enter level codes is not working for me on this version on multiple platforms (Mac, win). The 'get new levels' menu item can be clicked but doesn't open. Could it be because I had/have previous versions installed?


baba is pet

game is good