Version 418b

This will most probably be the final update to this beta editor before the launch of the actual editor update!

- Fixed more parsing bugs - these could be unstable so look out and report bugs

- You're no longer prevented from naming an object something that exists in the full list of objects; instead the game will try to handle duplicate names by adding numbers to the end of them

- If you change the name of an object, the name of its word will also change accordingly

- The object type string wasn't updating properly in the editor

- Fixed a bug where the author's name could disappear from the pause menu when playing a downloaded level

- Added Donut

- Fixed an issue where the Glitter background effect could bug out

- Fixed (maybe?) an issue where dragging objects in the Object Palette could bug out

- Added Reverse

- Fixed a bug with dragging an object and switching layer while doing so

- Optimized Revert

- Revert doesn't prevent transformations for objects that can't be reverted

- Fixed a small bug with cutting objects

- Fixed a small bug with switching between tools

- Fixed Not being parsed buggily in certain cases

- Tried to fix Revert affecting objects that can't be reverted anymore

- Fixed a parsing bug related to starting a sentence with And

- Fixed a rare issue related to browsing menus after ending stuff

- Fixed tutorial texts in the Japanese translation going over the edges

- Fixed hotkey list going over the edges

- Fixed a case where an object could be named into an empty string

- Added Beside (right) and Beside (left), horizontal variants of Above & Below!

- Added a new song, Jamming!

- Certain object-destroying qualities should work more predictably with Has now when stacking multiple objects

- There's now a placeholder icon for levels where the game fails to generate a preview image

- Fixed an issue with object z-layer settings

- Fixed multiple issues with text input allowing invalid symbols

- Reverse & Locked now work for Select

- Fixed Locked for Empty

- Fixed a bug with editor undo causing overlapping objects

- Fixed a visual bug with the quickbar

- Fixed music fade issues when continuing earlier game

- Fixed a sound issue when leaving to the main menu during ending sequence

- Added Frog

- Added Trumpet

- Fixed(?) a visual bug related to the quickbar

- Fixed hotkeys menu in the Japanese version

- Added Cat, Sword, Car, Bed, Clock, Vase, Bottle, Pizza, Turtle, Pawn & Knight!

- Fixed a bug where having tons of Mimic rules could pretty much freeze the game

- Fixed an issue with showing the author's name when editing a levelpack

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So, the final bug fix in this post says "Fixed an issue with showing the author's name when editing a levelpack," but I can't seem to find a way to edit a levelpack in the first place. Can you help? Thanks!

The standalone level editor does not allow creating, editing, or playing levelpacks. This is to prevent pirating the main game by using the editor as a way to play the game.

I see, but I am confused as to why Hempuli would include this fix if it doesn't even apply to the game.