Version 1.1.9 - big update!

Apologies for how long this took! I wanted to rewrite the Group word, and it turned out to be quite a bit of work.

- Added Blob, Drum & Hihat

- The editor now has its own music! You can choose between 2 editor music styles in the Editor Settings

- Play should now play at the correct ("correct") pitch, at least in most circumstances...

- Fixed a special ending sentence not working with conditionals

- Fixed some errors in the Object Palette

- Fixed the background colour being wrong in certain cases

- Improved the Piano, Guitar and Sax sounds

- Fixed an undo bug related to an endgame word

- The editor music can now be used as a level music as well

- Fixed Skull's Play sound's pitch being wrong

- Fixed a menu bug when moving between level lists in the editor

- Fixed a bug where having an active selection and selecting another tool wouldn't cancel the selection

- Fixed an ending not working

- Group has been fully rewritten! "Group Is Group" and its various forms don't work yet, but otherwise it *should* be mostly functional

- Added Group2 and Group3; you can make new Groups by adding whatever unique identifier at the end of "Group"

- Added a mod hook for post-undo (previously there was only a pre-undo hook)

- Fixed Group as a conditional parameter only working if there are members of Group present

- Fixed Group status not being propagated through multiple Group types (i.e. Group Is Group2 etc)

- Fixed Group2 and Group3 infinite-looping in certain circumstances where Group didn't

- Fixed certain infinite-looping Group rules not doing that without extra rules

- Fixed a freezing issue related to Feeling combined with Group

- Fixed a whole bunch of lua errors related to infinite loops

- Added Party to celebrate the anniversary

- Added a mod hook for when baserules are added

- Added a mod hook for once rules have been updated

- Fixed Bonus making a water-splashing sound

- Fixed a multitude of Group-related issues (still a couple cases to fix)

- Fixed infinite loops and the like not playing the correct sound and in general being buggy

- Group should now work with Has, Eat, Make etc again

- Fixed Not X Is Group being parsed wrong

- Fixed rotating a selection causing it to break sometimes

- Added a missing text about the Level Is Auto slider to tutorial 8

- Fixed some cases where hotkeys could be input during tutorials

- Fixed a variable name duplication issue; not sure if it affects anything but it might

- Fixed undoing in editor after dragging an object

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dam, those are a lot of fixe

yup, iḿ just glad that hempuli's still workin on this tho hehe