Version 410

- Fixed a bug where downloaded levels were cached wrong, leading to issues when playing them

- Fixed objects's Broken statuses not updating on time with rules changing in some cases

- Fixed an issue with testing a level while dragging an object in the editor

- Fixed(?) an issue with levelpack mod lua files causing errors when playing a levelpack with the new "load latest savegame" button

- Fixed a specific cornercase where stacking e.g. "Baba On Is/Flag Is Purple" would make the rule "Flag Is Purple" erroneously

- Made the rule_baserules -modhook happen before the default baserules are added so that they can be adjusted if so desired

- Added an always-modhook that gets called every frame, even when not playing a level

- Empty is never Not Lonely

- Fixed an issue with dragging objects in the Object Palette

- Fixed level icons bugging out in the levelpack menu if there's no valid icon PNG in the levelpack folder

- Fixed flickering text colours when pushing words while "Text Is <Colour>" is active

- Fixed a lategame rule causing lua errors

- Fixed the game loading the wrong level when moving between menus in a specific manner

- The rain music has been updated to a (mostly) final version!

- Fixed a graphical issue caused by editing a tiny level and leaving the editor

- Fixed several graphical glitches in the intro cutscene

- Fixed a small graphical issue in one of the endings

- Worked more on making translations not overflow buttons in the editor

- Fixed directional key indicators being bugged when using a gamepad

- Fixed the control settings menu using an odd icon for the "disable gamepad" setting

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The rain theme is sooo good!!