Version 1.0.7

- Removed a test level that could cause issues
- Fixed a bug with the selection tool and the F4 quick-selection

- Added Road & Planet
- Added Locked - prevents an object from moving in the direction indicated by the rule
- Added Phantom - makes an object ignore collision when moving
- Made levels using the crystal_beta music automatically switch to crystal
- Fixed a bug with dragging objects in the object palette
- Fixed some inconsistencies with level titles when changing language
- Made B and some other letters look better in the hand-drawn font
- Added a mod hook for when the level is restarted (currently happens as soon as the restart is triggered)
- Added a mod hook for when the End ending is reached
- Added a mod hook for when the Done ending is reached
- Disallowed # in object naming due to glitching
- Made the level history actually fit the screen
- If you have debugging enabled, the game doesn't limit the size of your level history
- Fixed a bug where starting a new save file made the game lock up for some time
- Fixed a bug where too many objects in your object palette could break things
- Added word-wrapping for some Chinese characters
- Done can now be used in the downloadable beta editor
- Disabled the logging feature used for making playback files that had been previously enabled and which was causing slowdown
- Fixed a Word-related undo bug
- Fixed an error with Shift and object transformation
- Fixed the rule list being off-center even when there aren't enough rules to warrant that
- If rules are hidden, they no longer cause the pause menu list to offset

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