Version 1.0.4!

- Added Plane

- Fixed a bug with Back-affected transformations
- Fixed a bug where text input prompts could have the wrong title & length limits
- Added another confirmation after beating a level you're uploading, to avoid accidental uploads
- Fixed(?) the Tinker music bugging out in editor
- Fixed the Baba cursor sometimes staying visible on screen after uploading a level
- Fixed the level taglines/subtitles occasionally bugging out when downloading a level
- Level codes can't have 5, S, 0 or O anymore to prevent confusion
- Fixed Fungi & Fungus being mispositioned in the Autumn theme
- Fixed Play sometimes erroring when saying "Baba Play X"
- Made duplicate rules group together in the pause menu (e.g. "2 x Baba Is You")
- Limited pause menu rule count to 48; rules beyond this will be shown as "(+X)" at the end of the list
- Added a particle effect to objects that are moving backwards in tim

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How do you get the cloud moving backwards particles?


I have two different objects, both with the Cloud sprite; one is just always Move and the other has two Babas (or somesuch) moving back and forth and activating a Move rule every other turn. At the right edge of the level are objects with the rule Cloud On (Object) Is Fall (Left), and at the left edge of the level are objects with the rule Cloud On (Object) Is Hide.