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In the first level i made it so that rock is win on accident when i figured out i could change rules. So then in the "Wall is stop" Level i made myself the wall

me too lol

plz give me .mfa


so i have download baba is you and when i go to open it, it give me a black screen with green edges and does nothing... help 

make sure the path to the game doesnt have any bad symbols, like cyrrilic

Oh hey look, it's blokos!




pe fan


Baba love grape too :)

Deleted 4 days ago

i have made a mod on itch of this version.

rebateman is low on ideas

rebateman needs help

here is mod

plz help


Game Is Amazing

Brain Is Hurting

(Really good work!!)


FranzDaMLG is stuck

FranzDaMLG is Bamboozle

FranzDaMLG is Quit

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Movement was a bit laggy, but nice game overall. You've definitely made a lot of improvements in the full version.


How do u use the level editor?

Key Right To The"Enter" Key IS Editor

i tried to press enter but it didnt work and another enter either!


Game Is Awesome

Fullversion Is Expensive

Harry Is Broke

Harry Is Sad


Guest1 is smart

Pirated version is free


pirated version doesn't reward the developers for their hard work. Guest1 is thief


identical copies of digital goods takes no work or time.
stealing of digital goods is a logical fallacy.
amplified 1 should think about "No DRM".


are you saying that a developer should only be able to sell one copy? should films only have to sell one ticket?

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Think of it as a tip, then, or even a suggested donation when entering a museum or gallery. Maybe it's not literally stealing to opt out of the agreed-upon price, but it's still a dick move. Unless you want to become an old-school patron and pay devs a salary with room and board out of your own pocket in exchange for games that you freely share with everyone. Because that's the alternative to players sharing the cost of the work and time.


Pirate is smart

Everyone is pirate

Dev is broke

Dev is sad

Game is

Pirate is problem


Mistake Is Guest1, Pirate Is Bad, Guest1 Is Regret

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Guest1 is pirate

Guest1 is not pay

People seeing Guest1 follow Guest1

People is not pay

Hempuli has not money

Hempuli make not game

Game is not more

Game not without pirate is not more


please help i have black screen when i run the game pls help

Are you on Windows 10?

 yes i am on windows 10

Could you contact me at the e-mail address found on this page: ?

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Don't extract (When you extrakt the level-data is gone)

same here and i dont know how to fix it 

Where did you extract the game zip? Or are you playing the game straight from the zip file?

What sort of Windows 10 computer can't handle a 2D game? It even works on Windows XP !


An Excelent Game, there were moments when I really said "Aha" and felt incredible.



Aha moments are great, but this game also has some of the elusive "wait, but if I instead..." moments.


question, I have the new retail release. I have yet to try this but are the levels different? Is the game different? Thanks in advance for all your hard work!

Most of the levels in the jam version are in the final game; some of the rule logic is different and/or more buggy in the jam version. Thank you!

Question: Its just a black screen. How do i play the game?

There should be a title screen when you start. Make sure the game isn't in a folder that doesn't have reading permission; other than that, I might not be able to help much :(


Masterpiece, brillant game... When i get the money i will buy this without doubt!


I "bought" (donated) to get this game here on, and I totally loved it.  Could I please get a redeemable code to download the version that's on the Steam store?  My username here is jobury and my username on Steam is neoaxelfire


thats not how buying things works

Well, see the thing is, you don't need to donate for this one. It's free. It's a nice thing to do but not required. Also, unless you donated like $20 it's not enough to pay for full. 


Baba is best girl.

please help when i try to open it it just says "Cannot load ForEach.mfx. this object might need an external program or library not yet installed"

What are you playing on?

I'm on windows 7 .   (Pavilion g7) laptop

Have you tried running it as an administrator? Sounds like a permission issue.


What an amazing game ! Thanks for this.

Quick question, it's my first-time buying a game on itch and I thought a steam key will be given.. Is there any way to get a stema key of the game when bought on ? Thanks !

No The Steam Game Is MUCH Bigger And Has MUCH Better Graphics And Costs 12,49€ But On It Costs Anything

I bought the complete game on itch, I've not downloaded this free version, but I did not find a contact mail :/

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Could you send me e-mail to the address listed at about this?

love it! super clever! wish it was longer tho!

Its On Steam With Many More Levels! Baba Is You


And on itch ;)

That's insane !

Make a Mac or web version please. I want to play this ^_^

The game is already available on Mac!


I see only windows downloads.

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This version only has a Windows build.

EDIT: Oh whoops, I just noticed what I had written above. Sorry, I thought the thread-starter was talking about the full version. 


Holy fuck


So... i created myself an account here in just to say to you.... amazing game! How many levels are going to be released on the launch? If its going to be a long game (i really like the puzzle games to be long, i remember when i was kid playing eternally "The Adventures of Lolo and Lala"), its a sure sell in Steam for me! Sorry about the grammar, argentinian with bad english here :)


Hi Enzioquias! Thanks a lot! The game is going to have over 200 levels in total :)


The mechanics are brilliantly innovative and possibilities have (almost) no bounds, that's just mind-blowing! Eagerly waiting for the full release :)

I have only one question... Why Baba? :D (sorry in advance if you have the answer in your blog and I've just failed to notice)


Thank you! I don't think I have written about that anywhere! The names Baba and Keke come from an old psychology experiment where people were shown two shapes, a round and a spiky one, and asked to label one "Kiki" and one "Bouba". I'm pretty sure you can guess which way people preferred the label the shapes. :) Baba and Keke don't really have any meaningful relation to the experiment otherwise, but the inspiration for the names definitely came from there.


Excited for the fully fledged one next month! :)


Thank you!


Really fun!

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Dude your game is amazing. Damn it got me so excitedddddddd....!!!!

Hey friend, 

When is the switch release date dir this game? It says autumn :D  will it bei released for christmas? :))

Unfortunately the date has been pushed to early 2019 :( I've forgotten to update that in some places, I'm afraid. The reason was that I would have had to rush too much to get it released this year (the release would have had to be in November because December is a very difficult time for releasing an indie game (especially on Switch due to Smash))


Game of the year, every year, for ever and ever, to the END OF TIME, and even then PAST THAT!!!

Thank you very much!

I think I finished the game. Does it just loop back to the first puzzle at the end? No ending or anything, right?

Yup, that's it for the jam version :)


Between what might be the most briliant implementation of what I can only call "environmental storytelling" and the "aHa!" moment I had when I first truly understood the implications of that, this is one of the most joyous forays into stripped down puzzle games I've experienced. Kudos, I've been here for three hours so far and plan on installing this on every computer I have for the forseeable future.


Thank you very much! I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed the game to that extent! :)


Really fantastic concept.



This was Super.  Fun.  Also, there hasn't been a good puzzle game, especially of this quality, in a year or two.  I would easily pay for early access for this on steam if you did it, i think others would enjoy it as well.  Hope to see more than the 15 levels available soon, thanks!


Thanks! I feel that block-pushing-based puzzle games have been thriving more in the recent years thanks to Puzzlescript and such. In case you're interested in Sokoban-inspired games, I recommend Pipe Push Paradise, Snakebird & of course Stephen's Sausage Roll.

I tested the demo and the game is great. I'm dying to play it on my Switch. Thanks.

Thank you! :)

have you an ETA for swtich version? I'm following your blog and loving every advance in the game. Good luck with your project 

I think there'll be news about the release dates pretty soon! Possibly not exact dates, but some info in any case. Thank you!

Is this the latest publicly available version?

Yeah; I considered updating this using the new engine but thought I'd rather just finish the full game instead.

How do you grab things?

(1 edit)

You can't; if you push an object into a corner, you can press Z to undo (which kinda looks like grabbing them); the full game will have a separate "Pull" word that works like grabbing an item.

I had so much fun with the levels as well as with the editor! (wish the order of the menu were more tidy but oh well)
Can't wait to see the full version!

how do i get to the editor?

Thanks a lot BlueJackalope! The menus should be better in the full version :D Blaze: There's a button that opens it; on a Nordic keyboard it's §, but I've heard people mention ~ being it on other keyboards. Apparently | or \ may also work.

ok thanks, by the way, if you make a sprite editor and a way to export to .exe files, you could make baba is you a game engine. of course a lot of other things would need to be done, like making objects invisible =, and adding other things, but you could definitely do it 0w0


Haha, that'd be funky. I think the main problems would be the compiling-to-exe you mentioned and most importantly optimizing the game to be able to create more than just really simple things. It's a cool idea, though :D

Editor doesn't work for me :(

Super hype for the full release.

I dumbly picked a key that isn't the same on all keyboard layouts for accessing the editor :( Sorry about that

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