Use your knowledge of detecting landmines to instead detect monsters in a cave. Monsters are like landmines except different, you know?

Left mouse button - reveal tiles
Right mouse button - mark tiles

Be sure to read the Bestiary to understand what's going on!

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Tags2D, Cute, minesweeper, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer

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can you please add an inverted click option? it makes it a lot easier to not mis-click without a mouse.

the auto clear rules make serpents and ghosts very obvious


very very fun even though I'm only playing the basic levels. Love the cute slimes and monsters too.

can we have an image of a happy Baba and Keke when we win? the cavern is safe for them to explore now~~

really like this game! super fun twist on minesweeper and the monsters are really cute

Beautiful game. First played it at 2 am and found it very difficult. Replayed it at 7pm and found it brillant. Very smart choices of monsters.

The inversion/deconstruction of minesweeper as "mines change number around them" instead of "numbers indicate how much mines are around" is also a very fun notion to play with.

Have you forced every board to be solvable without random guess? It feels like you did, but it also seems difficult algorithmically ...

I just had a play with 2 unknowns at the edge and 2 ones next to them plus some monsters. There was no way to tell which were the last green slime!

Yeah, the game doesn't have any balancing so situations like that are unfortunately possible.

I'm not complaining about it; I was merely answering Metricsystem's question


I would like a download

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I last played just before ghosts were added, I think? I love all the new monsters.

I'd love to turn off the timer but it's fine.

Lovelove it


I finally beat all hazards with serpents without losing health lol



posted a video recently, very cool. I ended up not being able to really use the monsters remaining count, at least that's how I felt at the time, but the ghost realization with the range was cool

Getting back into the sweeper jam with ClueSweeper! Woo! Sweepers!


But different.

Mamono Sweeper is fantastic, I'm a big fan!

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I really love this little game, but I've accidentally clicked on the restart button while trying to click on a right upper board-- maybe the button shouldn't be so glued to the board, or maybe it should ask for confirmation? Oh, also, the victory count doesn't seem to be working for me...

Fair point about the restart button! Maybe it could require holding the mouse on it for a bit for the restart to take effect?

The victory count uses cookies to work, so either your settings might be preventing it or there's some technical detail that I'm not aware of that makes it not work for some players.

I've tried playing on Firefox and it seems to remember my victories in there, even before I logged in! It's not working on Chrome for some reason, even though I checked and all the cookies seems to be enabled. Not sure if any of this helps, but I thought I should let you know!

Thanks! I might not be able to fix the issue for now but it's good to know of these details :)


Once you click anywhere else on the page the keyboard shortcuts stop working


i found a glitch where if you misplace a monster then uncover multiple tiles at once with the monster there then it will disappear but the hazard level wont be reduced 

Ah, thanks!

unintuitive, but once you figure out what's going on it's lovable

I'm pretty sure this board is broken, maybe because serpents? It would maybe help troubleshooting (and competitions) if there was an option to show/use seeds


Huh! Interesting, haven't seen a zero on a board before without monsters. Thanks! Can't really do much about it as it is because of how many possible causes there could be, but it's good (if a bummer) to know that there are bugs still. And being able to pick the seed could be fun, yeah, haha.


I hope you're going to keep releasing Minesweeper variants until the form is perfected. Microsoft has neglected Minesweeper too long! ;)

Great game! Minesweeper for the Big Brains

really fun game!


I love this! At first I thought there was no way I could solve this reliably, but sure enough after not too long I'm pretty consistent at even the harder levels! The ghosts still get me sometimes when I get overconfident though...

And the creatures are so cute! Monster #3 is my favorite.


I like this a lot! it's less stressful to me than mamono mower  (i think i'm used to a more slow and methodical minesweeper experience), but still provides an interesting and unusual challenge. I really like the different patterns that the different beasts create on the board.

It would be nice to have some kind of shortcut to mark different types of beasts! (For example, if typing 1 made your right clicks only monsters, 2 made them only slimes, and 3 made them all ghosts.) Clicking six times for a ghost is a lot.

the new keyboard shortcuts are great! they really streamline gameplay. you might want to mention them in the game description!


Cool! I eventually got used to monsters having a larger area of effect than I'm used to, but then the slimes came in to increase the difficulty! In the bestiary I see a ghost too, which makes me very afraid...


After I press Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch tabs in the browser, the game registers all clicks as right clicks until I refresh the webpage (pressing Ctrl again doesn't fix it). If I stay focused on the game and don't press that key combination, it's really fun.

Ah, thanks for the report! I'll need to investigate how to fix that.

if you mark a tile before revealing it, the mark that had been on it does not return to the count of unmarked.

Thanks! I've updated the game so that you can't reveal marked tiles, so this issue shouldn't exist anymore.

fun! .. challenging too!

Thank you!