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there seems to be a bug

I formed "EMPTY IS WIN" in the last level and it didn't work

edit: nevermind, i think i figured out why and I might not be a bug

Awesome game by the way

Thanks! The idea is that "Empty is Win" doesn't do anything because as you step on an empty tile, it's no longer empty. Still not totally set on how to approach that behaviour, though!


This game is fucking GREAT

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This was so satisfying! Loved it.

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Fantastic! Thank you for making this game!

A couple thoughts:

  • It would be nice if you didn't have to undo movements that didn't do anything - e.g. if nothing  is YOU and you press arrows for 5 turns before undoing, it takes 6 undoes to get back in action
  • some inconsistent sprite layers: in the level where GRASS is stop, the FLAG sprite appears above half the walls and below the other half
  • Is it intentional that, when you stack several YOUs into a square, if you walk them into a KILL only one dies? 

EDIT: for reference, I was playing the not-jam version


Thank you very much! I'm working on a full version. :)

1. That's a very good point; it might be a bit tough to determine if a movement changes anything or not but I'll put it on the to-do list; I guess same goes for walking against a wall and such!

2. Yeah, this needs work; it's a bit tough to decide how to layer stuff when you could have something like Grass is You and need to have it on top of stuff grass usually doesn't go on top of!

3. Not intentional, I've fixed it for the current version but didn't update the build before I started working on the full version. I probably should do another update to the version, though! :(

Deleted post

Yeah, the jam version has a bunch of stuff that's handled by the game's code, but the lua part should still allow pretty extensive modding :) (Functions that the game code handles have the prefix "MF_" in syntax.lua!) You can also access the in-game level editor with § (or whatever button you have above tab on your keyboard)!

This is amazing. I can see a lot of potential for interesting puzzles.

I did find a bug where if you undo when "wall is wall" (for example), all the walls disappear until you hit restart.

Thanks for the report! I'm working on a more finished version and bugs like that will be fixed in that; I don't think I'll update the NGJ version further.

This game is so brilliant (: I'm really happy it won, it's well deserved.

(also, I voted for you!)

Well deserved winner of NGJ 2017! :)

Great! Very smart idea.



Amazing! I think it'd be awesome to see this developed into a full game with a proper level editor to play with, the possibilities are near endless. Including solutions that probably elude the intentions of the creator himself!


Working on it!!


Pure genius.

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