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The original soundtrack of Baba Is You!

Released on March 13th, 2019.

Tools & sounds used: 


Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra by Mattias Westlund 

Freesound.org instruments: 
drum07 by zajo 
gui-drum-bd-soft by menegass 
rick-drum-bd-soft by menegass 
snare by hanbaal 
hihat-dnb-1 by kaonaya 
hat-04 by cbeeching 
hi-hat-hit by sajmund 
fireplace by leosalom 
cymbal by irjames 
snare-2 by hookhead 
skibacustomhihats1145top1215bottomfullopentip by pjcohen 
bubbling by infernus2 
acousticy-snare by walter-odington 
14chh by vacuumfan7072 
kick-drum-e-1 by rob10 
night-ambience-01-aug-2-2013-back-yard by rgbrobot

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Tagsamateur, baba, bass, beep, biy, chip, Music, ost, tracker
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Hi, I was wondering if there was plans to add this to music streaming apps ? I would love to listen to baba is you ost on spotify !


Hi, I'm a teacher who would like to use this in schools. Would you give me a free DRM in exchange for promoting you in NYC? Write LHollman2@schools.nyc.gov.


excuse me, could you tell me if I buy this music can I use it on my videogame creation? or its just for listening purposes?


What do you think?
You can't use someone else's music just because you buy it


woo take it easy dude, is a question you need some calming pills

I was wondering: are there plans to release the new tracks that were added in the level editor update?

Yup! Once the editor is officially out :)

Thank you! I love the new tracks! I did notice, though, that the "tinker" music is still missing—was that intentional?


Hi, I'm a teacher who would like to use Baba in schools and help promote it in NYC. Would you consider giving me a free DRM in exchange for promotion? Write LHollman2@schools.nyc.gov. Thanks.