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is the title "monoban" upside down?





Man this series is just a treat, when the mechenics click, they click so hard that my brain feels that rush I so seldomly feel in actual math classes when you feel you're getting ahead of the one coming up with the questions. Good stuff!

Thank you very much!

In America, Baba is You

In Soviet Russia, You is Baba

W A S D aren't working

I think it's You2 logic

What the hell does that even mean?

there are two players

it work’s. WASD keys is used for control another guy on black side. levels with black side starts from 3rd or 4th level


Think I broke the game

F3 toggles the level editor, sorry about that

Definitely the biggest and best WTF? when playing this one. Huge, huge fan! incredible design


i got stuck on level 2 and just pressed buttons until i found the skip level buttons so i thought the second level was impossible on purpose and the gimmick of this game was that you have to play levels in the wrong order to make them all possible somehow (i eventually beat it after the rest of the game tho)

Have you played the most recent game yet? Permaban?



I also can not even do the level number one(

someone in the comments has a video ab how to do it i ended up using that 😭


fun game! very cool concept thats new to me (:

Too bad for people who have a AZERTY keyboard

You can do Alt+Maj to switch to QWERTY, if it doesn't work, add an English keyboard in your setting ans try again. It will be W to rewind and still R to restart level. Of course WASD will be ZQSD.

Thanks, I know that but it's much too much hassle to just play an online game in my opinion.

Okay, thanks. I'll keep trying.


TWO. (also another favorite)


Yeah, you may have done some cool stuff before, but can you do this in the checkerboard level?



...I don't know.

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Hello, it is me, the jam version of Baba.

I will be arriving at your house shortly.

Great game again.

This might be one of my favourite covemount-likes yet. Nabogorf and Mountinuum were also great but I like how surprisingly versatile the mechanics are and how you gradually learn new rules as you progress.

I think I might've even solved some puzzles outside the intended solution, unless there were some red herrings. That said, the solutions I came up with felt so elegant that I wouldn't want them to be changed.


isn’t this just Soko but with simultaneous control of both players at once?

Also, I’m waiting for the game pages to finally show the “related games” button and they all just reccomend the other covemountlikes


It isn't just parallel Sokoban, because [thing you encounter on the second level with two characters] changes the gameplay significantly.


Not being rude or anything. but, you should play the game a bit more before commenting


I did, it’s a decent game I know. I just like making abstract comparisons to other games to confuse Hempuli even a bit(he’s gonna take all the possible sokoban mechanics for himself nuuuuuuuuu)

Make the games just like the Garten of Banban development


You lied hempuli

Oop spoilers

I don’t understand. What did he lie about?


he said he didn't have budget to sprite walls


Those aren't walls.

Great game as always, sir!

Deleted 87 days ago

The first level isn't terribly important,  it's just clarifying its a sokoban. You can press ctrl+q to skip it.

Same. I don't want to skip it. I want to know if it can be solved. Am I missing something? Is there more to it than just moving the one character around the white area with the arrow keys?

Not in that level, at least.

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