Version 1.4.2

- Made the player align perfectly in the grid in Edit Mode if nearly aligned to begin with
- Made the player collision box slightly less tall in certain instances to help fitting into vertical passages
- Reduced text size in Edit Mode slightly to leave more space
- Added a button (F) for toggling buttons visible/invisible in Edit Mode
- You can now use WASD to choose upgrade direction directly in Edit Mode
- Pressing Confirm when no new changes are made now closes Edit Mode
- Fixed a bug where setting music audio to zero could cause SFX to bug out
- Made the player not walk off ledges when trying to align to the grid
- Made certain elements not appear/disappear as buggily in Edit Mode
- Improved powerup pick-up text to describe their functions more
- Made the game show a special symbol after beating the game in the start menu
- Added a clear tooltip in the start menu for how to erase your save data


The Plumber Thing (Windows) 9.7 MB
Nov 12, 2022

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