We've done it again, and the genre of Covemountlikes has received a new feature - warping around! As we like to say, "now your thought processes are occupied by warping"!


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what type of spagetti caused this?

so close


inn war, what are they fighting about

who gets the best room


That’s a Warp Walkthrough


WARNING: Cursed block pushing games may cause symptoms like:

Floating numbers

Warping walls

Speaking in bababa

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This is what too much warping does to the mind.


raw inn

bottom text

took me 1h and 38min


who is kim?


as someone once said, chess battle advanced :)


|e advanced     chess battl|


I was too busy thinking with portals that I forgot the "covemount" part of this covemountlike


now your thought process is occupied by warping

Burn the brain

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The undo buttons is glitchy when combined with diagonal movement near boxes. If you press two direction buttons at the same time such that you push a box orthogonally adjacent to your starting position., then press undo, the game sometimes reverts the push and your position incorrectly, causing you to wind up in the same space as the box you pushed. This can cheese a number of puzzles involving block pushing in constrained spaces.

Edit: I think it's because the undo only undoes one of the two orthogonal movements performed as part of the diagonal movement in terms of player position, not both. You can see this clearly at the beginning of a level by doing a diagonal move immediately. You can only do one undo, bringing you to a position one space orthogonal from your start position, not two, indicating that the game only records one of the two directions of movement in the undo list.

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Wake me up when someone created a walkthrough for YouTube.

Edit: Discovered it. 


Fun little puzzle game. Cleverly designed.  I did find a little bug however, if you go diagonal (pressing up or down and left or right at the same time) the warping freaks out a little bit and warps you to a different place then where you should actually go.


Hi, lovely game, as some other people have already said, watch your sorting layers! the boxes sometimes go over or under water or Xs

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Winnar!  I played for around 1 hour to beat it. 

wonder how much of time you spent design all the level/coding ??


About 24 hours in total

Winnar! A wonderful puzzle game!

Winnar!  Great game!


I hate asking for help, but I've been stuck on this one since yesterday. What am I missing?


Once the box is on the left side of the water, you need to find a way to get it off the wall. Which part of the level would be most likely to help with that?


Oh!! I got it. Thanks.

Me too! Thanks for the help!
Finished all the levels, Great puzzles!



the skip level shortcut

accidentally discovered true mechanic of this game before entering a portal

wait there's another gimmick?

I believe they mean before entering one of the spiral portals.

good game

This game is another brain tickler, also why


This is awesome! Really upends some of the usual block pushing logic and I thoroughly enjoyed watching my heuristics slowly develop

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This is great! Bug report: The z-indices on some of these boxes and Xs seem to be swapped:

Love this, it's like a cursed Baba idea come to life and the puzzle difficulty got suprisingly high!


Really interesting... now I just wish there was an Undo button! :-P


There is one now!