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Very fun, though a bit QWOP/Getting Over It in places. I got 15/15 and all 3 big stars on every level, but it still said only 97% complete when I finished the last level. Very strange.

I wonder if it's because I got one of my missing big stars and exited a level without re-completing it, or if I didn't hit a save point after getting my last star, or if there's some other secret I missed. All the levels are sparkling on the overworld.

Ah, thanks! I'll have to look at that.

pff,tava enganado,tava literalmente na metade do jogo
não consegui pegar todas as estrelas e nem sei se quero haha otímo

holy shit,eu não estou nem na metade do jogo e já demorou mais de 02:00

For some reason I can't install it with the itch App, why is that?

I've never used the Itch App so I don't know. This would be for Win10, right?

Yes, Windows 10, but I don't think it has anything to do with the operational system.

In the second picture it should be the game to install. Instalează means intall, in my language. But there is nothing to choose from.

And then in the first picture is the error I get after clicking install. It says "There has not been found any upload compatible with this title".

Made a video

I really enjoyed the game over all. Poor Ecki went through most of it on his poor face, but he made it!

Hey! Just a heads up, when I try to launch via the client, I get the error message "cannot create subdirectory in temporary directory". I can only launch the game directly from the executable file. Nice job so far though!

Ah, that's good to know! Not sure what I can do about it, though...

Experience the adventures of a stumbly bumbly penguin called Ecki as they embark on an epic adventure of self discovery and falling over.

It's mostly falling over...

This Itch Dot Io Indie is as cute as it is massively challenging and its bloody heckin' cute!

Recommendations for future builds would be to incorporate gamepad support and also a timer (the former being for improved accessibility and the latter being for the truly insane speedrun nuts that are sure to gravitate to this beautifully difficult game)


only just started but already its enjoyable. Can't wait to play

the rest.

Good lord. I finished it. Hurray

A brilliant exploration of the concept of not locking your "Z" rotation!


it errors out with "cannot create subdirectory in temporary directory"

What OS are you playing on? Which folder did you unzip the game into?

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Win 10 1809. I let the client handle the install, it has the sandbox turned on. So, it goes under Appdata/roaming/itch/apps/

Ah, went to the folder and the exe launched fine. So Itch’s attempt to launch as a constrained user is at fault?

That's probably it. Darn, I wonder what I could do about this...

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The game looks nice, playing it later though

Following you because of Baba

this game always caught my attention on the blog, super exited to finally get the chance to play it.