After the massive success of That's a Warp, we decided that making good interactive media was boring and decided to embrace making bad interactive media instead. Behold!

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Tags2D, numbers, objects, shapes, Singleplayer, things

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oh i get it now it's multipush but p and m are inverte



gone through the ceiling like this? painful

Pultimush Walkthrough

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it took me a while to figure out that you can only push the (II) block towards the adjacent (I) block


What did you do to Sokoban!  You monster!

(love it)

He stabbed it, shot it, burned it, drowned it, sent it through the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials, cut it into 7 pieces and sent each piece to a different circle of hell.

(love it)

what engine is this made in? Im curious


Clickteam Fusion 2.5, with the HTML5 exporter

Damn. Hempuli, i admire your work. This game is very similar to baba is you, and i LOVE IT





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¿Hay alguien que sea de Latam?


Wowie! This is great!

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Love it!!!. But its soooo hard. You could add a skip button


Ctrl + Q I think.

These games are so dang hard, but so dang cool.

how do you move the ll block, cant figure this out, def gonna have nightmares bout roman numerals


u need to push a block before the "II" block, like 


(0 being u)


nobody does "oh." quite like you


To be a Good Samaritan...


It’s fun, but how to push the Ⅱ block?


i confused with it

you can only move the II block if you move the I block with it

I have no idea if this was what I was supposed to do, but it works.

the first rule of that level is have fun and be yourself

I have no idea how you got into this state, amazing!


It's not bad ngl the one with the 1 2 and 3 is a major skill issue struggle though.

It’s like It’s a warp


What am i supposed to do here?


hint: its not wall


bug: If I press multiple arrows at the same time it is treated differently than any sequence of single presses. So far only noticeable when undoing, as I can end up in positions that were not possible, e.g. push a block and step back at the same time, undoing puts me on the same space as the block.


Oh right, thanks!


This brain melts my game.

Game melt ve,ry yes

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lemme out!


have you tried to make 2-2


great game! i will be having nightmares about roman numerals now 👍

M is coming for you. /j


You are cooking so hard with these covemountlikes


No one has advanced the basic Sokoban concept more than you. This is brain melting stuff, but really brilliant.


yeah we've confined ourselves to short remarks but we really should make sure to say at some point that yeah, that is absolutely right. these games may be shitposts but they are brilliant and advance the genre even while they make us groan.

i can say the hardest level is the 333 1 333 one

which look like this

x x   x x






That level is built different

hardest is definitely subjective. I found the trick to that one pretty quickly, but hit my head against the wall for a while in the II room.

if you have hints, don't keep them to yourself!

Completely stuck on this one, tbh







I believe I understand that one. Could I get a second one as well? Heh.

x  x    x  x

1  3   3  3


I knew I had to be missing something extremely simple. I just couldn't think what. thank you.


So cursed. The difficulty has increased a lot, too. There's so much to think about in this set of mechanics.

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I'm totally stuck on the Wowie level. I think they went a little bit overboard with the cryptic design there.

pretty sure that's supposed to be the win screen, and is not solvable :)

really hard but fun

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amazing stuff 👍simple mechanics, crazy puzzles, I got stuck on this level, no idea how to deal with not-numbered blocks (for some reason attaching images is not working, I got stuck on the level that is only blocks I and II, in a closed area of blank squares)

Keep trying! There is still something you can do

that made me get thanks


Wowie!  Awesome game!

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i don't understand how to get into flag ... help... Does "I" mean something?  i click this button but nothing happens

The "I" is a single box (a box that can be moved without touching another box). Later in the game we have other types of boxes

Move with arrows. Push the blocks marked I onto the X, then go to the flag. If the block has II or III, you can only push it as a line of 2 or 3 blocks. Press Z to undo, R to reset.