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How do I skip levels so I can come back where I left off


read the instructions and found out how to do it

Is there a way to download or buy the soundtrack of this game?

I should put that available...

This doesn't work with the itch app ("cannot read property "build" of undefined)

This should finally be fixed now...!

i can't shoot :(

Hempuli always has a really interesting way of handling mechanics. I really enjoyed the destructive nature of the gun. It is such a unique way to solve puzzles, and this game shows this progression very well.

The lasergun works fine on mouse, but walking on keyboard doesn't seem to work for me. The character just stands still.

cant start games   :(

wont let me install, says theres nothing to install

There is nothing to install, the game is playable directly from the zip file. Hmm.

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Current World Record for the game ;)

Are you planning on expanding the game more?

I might at least clean up the game a bit :) Congrats on the WR!

Great! The world record was taken from me but I'll be back for it!

I was gonna ask if it's compatible with PS4 Controllers, but I'm pretty sure that it is, and that I don't need to ask

A video where I break your entire game with the double jump glitch!

2 suggestions, keep the double jump glitch for speedruns and add an in game timer that can be enabled through the options.

Any plans for a Mac release of the game? I was one of the first to play Baba is You, and I'm very excited for this one!

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I got the game to run fine on Mac with winebottler. I found 2  bugs though! First of all, you can double jump if you press jump twice fast enough. Second of all, the bomb explosions from before resetting affect the bombs even after resetting, so when you start over the explosion from the old bombs immediately blow up the new bombs! I love finding glitches in games, so this fresh piece of work is amazing!


This game gives you a single tool and still makes every single level feel unique. The fact that almost everything in every level is destructable gives the player a lot of options. When solving level 10, I didn't understand that the enemy has to walk on the button. So I destroyed a gem, released the enemy and shot it mid-air. This way, I was able to reach the top of the level. Finding my own, un-intended solution was very fun.

Made it to Level 30 :)


such a clever game that i really enjoyed. loved the art and music. loved destroying everything when i lost a level, which happened many times. excellent stuff!


Great concept and very enjoyable game. Similar to your other puzzle games, as I think it is best enjoyed in short episodes. A couple levels every now and then. Hyvää työtä jälleen!

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I couldn't agree more!