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"Play 'oh no'...?" (twenty seconds later) "oh no"


Neat stuff. Would maybe be good to add rotating with the "up" arrow (clockwise) so people can play more easily with one hand.

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I think there’s currently a tetris epidemic among developers which is super cool. That eing said, this game is cursed though awesome

that took a while

Lets goooo! Sharing the world record

"Everything in the world has a purpose"


I think Im 3rd in the world!

Will get 1st soon

7 screens T^T



Does anyone have any strategy? I dont see how it would be possible to clear more than 10 lines


This game... None of this is found in the Bible.

I cried laughing. 


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5 screens and everything went dark. The only recommendation would be a leaderboard. And maybe a recommendation for a psychiatrist to help my brain.  With a GoFundMe for whoever is at the top of the leader board.

my gawd.....


My brain hurts and it is awesome.


I thought if one board dies I would just lose that board. :(


Typical Tetris from Ohio


this may become a small series of progressively more cursed games

here's hoping


booo! loved it!

oh ohhhhhhh




oh great heavens, what have you done. as a certified Strange Tetrislikes Enjoyer, I have put up a 34 on my first-ish attempt, but I can't fathom how deep this game could go. perhaps someone could score 100 by keeping very good track of each board and what their future plans are, but I just started forgetting about them and accidentally walking into spires.


You know, there's actually a rule about when you get a score of 34



I got 20 and feel like a complete person now; 10/10 would have a mental breakdown playing a video game again

20 points in the worst game I've ever loved

Ooh, congrats!

Quietly working to stack tetris 



Thanks! I hate it!
I'm truly sorry to give up at 4 screens, but I could not endure much longer


I somehow managed to get to 9.

this owns


oh god

i never though tetris could be bad


10/10 would not play again.


probably the only time my instinct to hold off for a tetris as my first clear saved me. perfect, 10/10, i never want to see this again.


massively singleplayer

Now what is this?


Man, it probably would help if I was better at Tetris. Can't wait to see what comes next! Actually, I probably can.


This was the worst time of my life! great job with making this as unbearable as possible! 

Anyways, cool idea, fun and smooth gameplay, really smart idea. Great Job!

this really sucks, great job!


Managed to rotate a piece out of bounds! Briefly got my hopes up for a cross-grid line clear before inevitable doom

Huh, wild

If you want to try and recreate it, just hold down and right when you start a game.

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oh wow, this is horrible, great job
managed to get a score of 15, somehow

18 is the highest I've seen so far, you're not far off!

Yeah, I just got 18.


my brain isn't big enough to play this game for more than 5 minutes

I don't think anyone's is.


Oof.  I was not ready for this at all.  Thank you for opening up my mind to a new level of (sucking at) tetris I had not seen before.

I know it's supposed to be "just bad lol".  But there is a surprising amount of strategy to last longer.  It's not pleasant to play like Tetris is, but it does have a strategy, and can offer moments of satisfaction all the same.  Before it reminds you what you are playing and smashes all your joy into the ground with a thing you forgot about.

I love it.  An experimental exploration that is almost, but not quite, worth the pain to experience.


Thank you! I'm glad you felt that there was value in the design beyond just the cursed joke. I pondered while making if it'd be worthwhile to try out some nonstandard tools to make it more its own thing (e.g. ability to temporarily freeze a board, removing gravity, other ways to make the game less chaotic), it's fun to ponder about this stuff.

It took me way too long to find out the gimmick 10/10

im horrible at this thank you, i love it!

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