Please come back! It may look familiar, but this is a new thing! Promise! Please!!

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Tags2D, Retro, Short, Singleplayer

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I got to the level with the clear river in the middle

level 1 is hard

Level 2 Broken its impossible

Mountris Walkthrough (Update) Walkthrough



Instead of saying win it should say poop! Haha

i cant get past lvl 2 :(

level2 but im dead:)

The second Tetris mechanic level now has ghost blocks, making it impossible.

Ah, thank you! These are fixed now.

Thank you! for all the amazing games, and the fast patch.



Pieces move as though their 'ghost' blocks still existed and could be pushed, which would be fine if you could still see where those were.


can you make it a bit better :(

fun enough

i win!


What's next, minesweeper.


This was suggested earlier and I have it in my "tentative ideas" list

nooooo!1!!1! im making that!!1!

Softlock prevension

you can press z to undo so softlocks are impossible


it's called a joke.

I previously said this one was the hardest, but that's because it's so similar to Lorgeban, which I formerly didn't beat


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oh my god when the thing happened for the first time. amazing.

short but neat


The puzzles were definitely on the simpler side this time, but the puzzle design led to some really satisfying solves. I might show this one to my family.


I feel like this is the easiest of these games.

The world's fastest series


Mountris Walkthrough

(1 edit) (+2)

idk if im tripping but llvl 2 looks differentwheres the top part

^^ Exactly this. I haven't been able to figure out how to get past </3

you quite literally cant without the needed extra space

Well... that's not even in the Walkthrough, and it sure feels impossiable


Another great addition to one of my favourite series!

Great as always

The End of Covemount

The Disappearance of Block Pusher, where did they go?

Anyway, fun game.


Sideways detonator

(Explains both the game mechanic and this image)

Silly pfp


This is goombud, monster from mario maker 2

Yeah it is 🔥

I win (AG)AIN (patched version)


I like how you can die on the win screen

the one with 12 locked blocks top left. IM STUCK

That one took me several tries to figure out. There's a single full row that you can make that involves only pushable blocks (no walls). Once you've done that, the rest basically falls into place.


oh hey new mount game