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A mysterious force is out to steal all the Fruit! Help Baba & friends foil their plans by maneuvering gigantic mech suits around. Features tactical puzzling action, heart-wrenching  storytelling and extra challenges over a total of 43 missions.

Yes, the game is very strongly inspired by Subset Games' Into the Breach.

Made using Multimedia Fusion 2 by Clickteam.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(133 total ratings)
Tagsbaba, breach, fofo, itb, jiji, keke, klik, mmf2, subset, tactics


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Try this if Windows Defender is angy 18 MB
Soundtrack 26 MB

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not for macbooks

Good game, I love baba.

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I have a question I bought this game during the release sale but now I can't get any of the new versions without paying is there a way around this or am I stuck with the original release version ?


Are you sure you claimed it?
If you just downloaded it but not claimed (so it's added to your account as a bought game) then you are out of luck sadly.

Though if you did claim it you don't download the new version from the store page, you go to your game library and click download on it again and it will show a few versions to download so you can get the updated versions.

Oh that explains why I don't see the game in my library, thanks!


Alright thanks I did claim it since it's in my library I appreciate the clarification I'll go download the newest version now thanks again for clearing that up 


baba running from the IRS after she forgot to do her taxes now she has a mecha suit

I look forward to whatever Hempuli is doing at any point cus I know it's always a good time

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Many thanks man for such a great concept! Big fan of ITB as well.

Been trying to mod the background color to be pure black (would look phenomenal on my OLED screen). Not sure where to change the hex values, as I've tried replacing the background sprites pfp_12.png through pfp_14.png to no avail unfortunately.

Would highly appreciate your feedback, or anyone who managed to tweak the background sprites.

keep up the great work!


If you mean the static background colour, I can add a simple function to change it in an update

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That's the one.  Would be absolutely awesome! Many thanks.

what you're using to create that? unity/ue/godot or own engine?


This was made using Multimedia Fusion 2, an old discontinued game-creation tool similar to Construct, and a plug-in that allows me to use luascript with it. Its nowadays around as Clickteam Fusion 2.5. It's kinda janky and not up to par with other game-creation tools atm like Game Maker Studio, but I grew up with it so it's familiar to me.

I can confirm it works on steam deck with proton! Also, great game!

Thanks, and thanks!

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In case anyone is wondering the save game location is 


Also i love this game


Thank you :)

How can I avoid having a blurry screen on fullscreen?


Change the resolution of your monitor's

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Is that the only way? Is there a plan to fix this? isn't there a way to force nearest neighbor when upscaling? Anyway, thanks. guess I'll try that. what would be the correct resolution?


I'm afraid this is an issue that I can't fix from the game's side, because it relates to settings that the engine doesn't allow me access to :( I'd suggest looking at Windows' window rescaling/compatibility options in Windows Settings and trying to set an exception for this game there,


Рисунки странные, но мне понравились


он тебя всё равно не поймёт

он англичанин


Нет, он финн



Loved it! Thanks Hempuli!


No linux version. 0 / 10








use it through proton 8, it works fine


Makes me sad as well. Baba is you has a native Linux version, you can play on Raspberry Pi (or other ARM based CPUs) using box86. 

But it's impossible to run Mobile Suit Baba on Raspberry Pi, no matter what I try.

use wine


Great spin off the amount of content in this game is incredible. Only complaint is tithe the undo/retry system, lots of actions happen after you hit end turn and there is no way to go back after the enemies attack leading to some frustrating moments where I really wished that I could just retry the turn not the whole level.


I can get the objective star on the final mission, but even when I use a totally different party than my last attempt (i.e. all four different than the previous four), I can't get the team challenge star.  I wonder if this is because it rolls the credits?


I'm proud to have finally 3-starred all the levels! I think early stages could add more rules in the extra challenge mode.

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Was there a significant update between 1.0.9 and 1.1.0, or is this a misunderstanding of semantic versioning? If it was just another patch then it should've probably been called 1.0.10 - https://semver.org/

Anyway I got it for free back in 1.0.6 but apparently need to pay if I wanna update it. I probably will anyway though since Hempuli rocks


pretty sure that's not how it works. there should be a new version in your library to download


It's not in my library. The Itchio desktop client wouldn't download/install it when it was up for free, and I think I ran into some glitches when I tried to download it off the site. Maybe when I was finally able to download it I wasn't logged in or something, or there was some sorta site glitch.

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You had to click "claim" on the download page to actually add it to your account's library (which incidentally also makes the itch client work), it's just a temporary download otherwise. The game is absolutely worth paying $4 (or more) for if you can, though!


Ah crap there we go. Thanks for the explanation, I think I'll spend a few bucks on it.


Doesn't work poperly on Steam Deck yet, and there's no gamepad support. @Hempuli are there any plans on adding this?

what do you mean it doesnt work on the steam deck

Well, the full screen setting doesn't work properly and it doesn't have gamepad support. Of course you can basically run anything on a Steam Deck, but you won't have fun with everything

cant you rebind the steam deck controls to keyboard buttons using steam input?

I can, and I can even use an analog stick or gyro as mouse replacement (it doesn't work without a mouse, right?) - but that's not proper gamepad support and it will be tedious when playing. 

As I'm a couch gamer (and lazy), I'm still hoping for gamepad support.

thats fair

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There is a way to make full screen actually work properly (in this and Hempuli's other MMF games), but it involves running xdotool to force-resize the game "window" to the display resolution. I can put up my script somewhere if that would be helpful.

I also made a Steam Controller (yeah, the OG) layout that uses absolute mouse positioning to map controller buttons to the on-screen Undo/Restart/etc. buttons, alongside the standard mouse controls. It requires the above fullscreen fix though (in fact it was the motivation for me to fix it in the first place), because Steam Input mouse positioning is broken if the game window is upscaled at all. Shockingly enough, Steam allows you to share controller layouts for non-Steam shortcuts and have them show up for others if they name their shortcut the same thing (at least I think that's how it works?). So if you make sure your shortcut is named precisely "Mobile Suit Baba" (no quotes ofc), then once I upload the layout you should be able to find it? (I didn't do the on-screen-button stuff for the Deck controls since I found the touchscreen to be suitable for them, I just used the trackpad on it otherwise. But you can apply the SC mapping to the Deck just the same.)

I do agree that an actual controller input mode would be nice to have, though. It's just something that requires a fair amount of work. But even keyboard shortcuts for the clickable buttons would go a long way, I think.


I have no issues on deck, bind right trackpad to mouse, RT and LT to left/right click, and B/Start to escape.

Full screen works for me, just runs at 720p.

is the save in the same file as the rest of the game or is it stored on your computer? for instance, would backing my game data up to the cloud allow me to play on different computers if i keep it updated?

nevermind figured it out

Where is my save data stored? I'd like to use my saves across machines.


users\<your username>\AppData\roaming\MSB\

yay! ty

lol water is apple is water wont destory the game, it just turn apple to water


game: dont let any fruits(apple) get destroyed

me: apple is water

ok, look like i am the real mevil L


Can anyone help me with "A Flood (Bonus)" with the skulls? I cannot figure out a way to keep them away from the fruit with the cast you start with.


the trick is redirecting them with keke.

you cant keep the skulls contained on both sides at once so you toss the left skull with keke to the other side.

now you only need to contain one side and the tossed skull and all its copies dont move in a direction where they can push the fruit to the water since keke throw changes their direction.

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How do I get Keke there in the first turn? I found one way, but it prevents me from getting anyone to manage the right side in time as a result.
EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out!


Wonderful spinoff game, our whole family really likes this concept, and we really hope you make more levels in the future. Thank you!

weird thing worth noting in level 21 :

it is solveable without interacting with the unit mechanic it is meant to demonstrate, it's also the simpler more obvious solution to the level.

just walking to all the cities not behind the hills and having baba toss jiji and keke each to a hill city.

could do with having  a third city in the hills to make bypassing the level gimmick impossible.


It would be really could if there was s mobile port of this beacuse..... you know... MOBILE suit baba it would be the perfect joke right?


WHEN are we getting the Mobile Suit Baba Gunpla


Excellent spinoff game that puts the cute characters and text mechanics of Baba Is You into a fun strategy game that is MUCH less likely to break your brain or leave you stuck for hours.  (I say this not to dis the original game, but to encourage players and streamers that fell off of BIY as the levels got harder to give this one a try.)  

[Full disclosure: I picked this up while it was still free. I also skimmed through some of the comments before playing, so I was aware of some of the sticking points and 'secret tech' of the game.]  

...I don't usually write reviews, but I wanted to talk positives before I reported a bug (or, at the very least, an unintuitive  "feature").  Steps to replicate:

1) Start a level with a "stop at each [tile]" objective. I noticed this on Abandoned City (level 17.x), but I assume this is more generally true.

2) Stop at one of the objective tiles.  The sprite will have the little glow to show it counts towards it.

3) Pass to the next turn (this is less about triggering the bug than making sure that it *is* a bug).  

4) Destroy the tile from step 2.  Using a rule to turn it into something else might produce a similar bug, idk.

5) Restart the turn.  The tile you destroyed in step 4 is back, but it no longer counts toward the objective (even though it did at the start of the turn).  You can confirm that this is not just visual by trying to complete the level as if it still counted.  


Do you have any thoughts on adding multilingual support to this game?

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i got the game during the sale for free before i got a acount on itch. how do i get updates?

do i rilly have to buy it to get updates because if so whats the point of the sale?
also theres now mod support??? i was making custom levels but i didnt know there was mod support? how does that work?

To get the update, the easiest way is to use the itch app. You can also download the game again manually (but I’m not sure how saves are handled)

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but thing is i got it when it was on sale and i didnt have a itch.io acount so its trying to make me "buy" it when i alredy did when it was free

Click "Buy now", then "I already paid for this".


didnt help

You probably skipped the claim step, couldn't be done without an account.

So you just downloaded the 1.0 release without "buying" it for free.

I suppose you could contact the dev but as it was an user error not sure if it counts.




you had to have an account to properly claim the game and have it in your library, otherwise there'd be no way to verify it was you. the game's only $4 anyways though, my best advice is just to buy it again.

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Hey. Here is a bug report. On version 1.1.1, I solved Puzzle 16 this way:

It makes sense from a programming perspective, but I guess that’s unintended.

Btw, that’s a great game, congrats!

yea clasic using a array of values instead of a array of arrays for 2d stuff

I'm sorry for sacrificing your mech in the final battle, Baba...

Just finished the first run, excellent!

Lovely characters, smart puzzles, I was starved for games like this!

Was it inspired by Super is Hot, too?

Crossover games is a trend I didn't see coming, but it's pretty awesome when done right.

For linux users: I ran it without trouble with wine 8.21,

disabling DXVK fixed the graphical glitches (like missing black border around units and weird floor)

editing the xres and yres value in save.txt if the window is too small 

I came for the puzzles and stayed for the story. Very cute little game, it makes me want to replay both Baba is You and Into the Breach.
Thanks and happy new year!


Is turning Mevil into a worm on level 27 an intended solution?

No idea, but it's what I did too!


Hey Hempuli? I think I found a bug and I can't play. The boot up screen is blank with only the skip text visible.

I can skip it and then I went to settings and all options were blank.

Finally I went to play and the mission select was also blank, and I couldn't start it. 

If it helps, here are some notes. I use a windows 11, Uninstalled and reinstalled it with the new patches and nothing changed, windows thought it was a security threat. That's about it, Hopefully it wont be a bother to you!

Deleted 171 days ago

I got the same issue, but when I exited out, closed the folder, and reopened it, the icon looked different, and when I loaded it up, it all worked.

Purchased on the last day of this year, very very interesting, and with enough strategy depth, perfect ending



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