We've been informed of the existence of colours. This is very troubling.

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Next game idea: timebanning, where you can stop time for n moves, this wont allow the flag to fall (so you can touch the x and then go to the flag), the button to be unpressed (this will make some cool puzzles), and maybe another feature that isn't normally in

should make lvl 4 simpler, I had no idea what was going on until I messed with things and managed to separate one of them.

either that or add a level between 3 and 4 that has some overlap, but in a way so that you can actually tell that things are overlapping.

this game he really good, but my brain go br, very good !

ctrl+e causes the website bar at the top to get earased, at least on my chromebook. so I can only go back a level once.  because after 1 time, my chromebook no longer fully regonizes itch.io

my idea is to change it to ctrl+x, as that isn't anything relavent to itch.io

Ah, thanks! Yeah, I gotta find better hotkeys

i have an idea for the next game
you meet boxes that arent bound to the grid sooner or later you have to try and push them mutiple times because you arent unbound yet, a couple levels after that you get unbound to the grid

Covenuum already does that

there is an idea for either subgrid rotation or unbinding/rescaling the grid itself somewhere in here though

you mean Mountinuum?

my favourite so far!!


im gonna krill my son


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oh my god my head hurts. 10/10

EDIT: oh nevermind it's not that bad. I think it's one of those things my mind can comprehend.


       N         !

N         N  !              !

        N        !           /O\

Great stuff, no good at puzzle games lol.

This was a lot of fun. a couple very aesthetically pleasing solutions too

cool Game


to mount or not to cove, that is the ban?


i beat level 1 this time, im getting so good at this

Deleted 83 days ago

cove-like's till failure is the best brain training regime bruv.

actually so true

this new technology is amazing


been a while since I beat one of those mountbans, probably on the easier part of the scale right next to cavemount


I remember back in January I was like, wow, what a gift for the new year, Hempuli is releasing an absolute torrent of delightful free new games. And now it's the end of March and the delightful-game machine is still pouring out gifts. I'm calling it now, Covemount-likes are my GOTY 


Hempuli never fails to cove our mounts


coming soon to the nintendo wii

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What do you mean? It's already

What more may one say? Another fun challenge. Thanx.




*garbled noises*!


no it says 🧱🌊🧱w🧱!🧱

this comment goes so hard

oh, jeez Hempuli, you don't have to keep publishing these FREE games all the time. give yourself a break once in a while, we don't mind :)


I think he said on his Discord that it's just for fun, and to push himself


Couldn't think of anything clever, so here's a satisfying pattern instead.
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I did not got the idea of reaching the flag when all boxes are in place. I think next level should be started automatically after all pieces are in right. Mechanics are fun, game is nice even if I am not a fan of puzzle games


Playing the previous games helps with that


Mayban Walkthrough

A lenient one, despite the craziness.

I've always loved this gimmick of soko-interaction-at-a-distance, good take on it