User your trusty lawnmower to mow over all the lawn obstacles in this lawnmowing sim & minesweeper hybrid. Because of course. Thanks to Exuno & Goost from the Mystery Fun House for the idea. Based on Mamono Sweeper by Hojamaka.

Mow obstacles of equal or lower than your current level to gain exp; enough exp levels you up, letting you mow tougher obstacles.

Arrow keys - move
Space - hold to dash (you can mow obstacles one level higher than you while dashing)
R - restart

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
Tags2D, minesweeper, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer

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a more intuitive UI would be nice.

very fun and addicting game :) sub 10 minutes damageless in classic mode ^.^

This game is very relaxing! I love it!


Love this game, clever, simple,  and Classic mode is an almost perfect level of challenge. If there's one thing I'd add to it, it's tracking your best time(s) -- I've become mildly obsessed with beating my own records. (I'm down to 158 seconds but I'm aiming for under  2 minutes. I figure with the right combination of luck, quick thinking and total recklessness...)




Great game, very fun mix up!


The game is amazing, i love then minesweeper and on think the game is perfect.

Of the time we must think, and patience.

continue keep making game :)

(P.S do you have it the fix the bug, when i click out the game and i resume it the game crash automatically is it possible to fix this ? Thank you)

I wish there were mouse only mode


Mamono Sweeper is pretty much that:


(Strategy mode)

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Could we get Enter to work like Space, so if I wanna manually move after a reset, I can just spam Enter instead of having to be careful with my Enter vs. Space?

Also, can't keep playing after making a comment on Ubuntu Firefox? Can't leave the Enter Comment section on itch to get back to the game?

Oh wow! So fast response! Clicking the comment box still seems to break it, Windows Firefox here. Hope you solve it eventually. Or I figure out how to cancel out of making a comment.

Yeah, I noticed that what I did didn't fix the issue; alas, the problem might lie in bits of code that I don't at the moment know how to tweak. We'll see!

Really solid, good job

Only thing I would suggest was for the level of the obstacles to be more clearly displayed, but apart from that this is great


Thanks! I think I'll adjust that right now, haha

Oh! This path-based movement means that we can't just randomly check places far away! Cool!


A very good version of minesweeper. Add some story like "Oh no! You haven't mowed the lawn in 2 months and now the local homeowner's association is getting on you about your lawn. You need to mow it, but you know you might destroy your mower on all the hard objects with your unexercised arms!"

Apart from that there's a small bug(?) that keeps killing my damageless runs where if you run over an obstacle 1 level above you with dash, it doesn't register, carries you onto the obstacle and damages you anyway. I hate it for the particular reason that I keep trying damageless runs but take damage because of this.

Hmmm, are there any consistent ways to reproduce the issue, or is it seemingly just a randomly-occurring thing?


Halfway randomly occuring, it seems to happen half of the time when I attempt to run over 1 unknown tile and release right before moving on the said tile. I usually try to have at least 1 known tile in between me and the tile I want to run over because otherwise, I find I'll usually run 2 unknown tiles even after I had released the first.
In other words, I'm basically complaining about a responsiveness issue.

Ahh, thanks for the extra info!

Such a silly but interesting take on Minesweeper. The classic mode is really challenging!


Very nice! Unbelievably addictive and so nice that one has to first try hard not to think in Minesweeper-way. I am not sure if I would want my dash in thinking mode to work that way, though (it moves too fast), so something in that would need either better instructions for a player like me, or a change to something else.

Pretty cool, but it's a bit hard to remember some obstacle values.

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The maths for how much XP you need seems kinda... off...
There genuinely just aren't enough obstacles to reach the next one. Are you *expected* to make intentional mistakes?? That feels bad.

EDIT: Ah, whoops, okay. I didn't realize you could dash into obstacles a level higher than you, even though it said so right there in the description. I really didn't expect to see something like that in a puzzle game. My bad.

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In this instance, there are zero obstacles left that I can clear at my level - so there's no way to get more XP, and I can never clear any of the other obstacles without losing a life.

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Awesome game! Very nice puzzle tho I wish the obstacles showed their levels, I often didn't know their strength so miscalculated how strong a particular tile must be. Also was there any reason not to dash? I tended to dash around everywhere which was fun but could've maybe been more thinky