After finding a new deposit of pushable blocks, we decided to splurge on them to offer you not just pushable blocks, but more pushable blocks! Wahoo

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This is a very good one. Though, I found it got easier after beating a fairly painful level (don't know which level it is by number. I was just stuck until I came back to it hours later)

It is my time again

This time a lowest provided blocks challenge with a bonus challenge of minimum drawn:
  • 1: 3/3, 0 drawn (can't do it here)
  • 2: 2/4, 1 drawn (only use the pultiblocks and draw a long block) 
  • 3: 0/2, 2 drawn (draw blocks, there is no obtuse shape that will work)
  • 4: 0/3, 1 drawn (make a long bar)
  • 5: 0/1, 1 drawn (make a Tetris T near your start and manage it so its bar covers both)
  • 6: 0/2, 1 drawn (go to the lower right, make an upside down L and push it up)
  • 7: 0/3, 2 drawn (make a bar for the two on the left and a hook for the right)
  • 8: 0/2, 2 drawn (make an S shape with an extra block at the top right, then jam it in the crevice and make a 5-block top right corner shape thing to press the buttons, then push the S piece in place and push the corner one over. I experimented with tons of crazy shapes but nothing worked for 1 block)
  • 9: 3/3, 0 drawn (you have to push them all out of the way anyway)
  • 10: 2/6, 5 drawn (all 5 are one blocks, activate three, then push up, push those two back down, and activate the others, you can decrease the number of total drawings using the diagonal trick but that doesn't decrease the number of blocks)
  • 11: 0/0, 1 drawn
  • 12: 1/1, 1 drawn (now that it becomes a puzzle element everything gets harder)
  • 13: 1/1, 1 drawn (this might be possible but i don't think so)
  • 14: 1/1, 1 drawn (AAA)
  • 15: 1/1, 2 drawn (BBB)
  • 16: 0/0, 2 drawn (You might think that's impossible but with the block entering glitch you can indeed do this)
  • 17: 0/0, 3 drawn (You can make it so just three blocks spawn here)

I couldn't make it any farther legitimately lol

this game is hard

u ar winr!


am I the only one who looked at the title and my first thought was this:

I found a  solution that doesn't use the provided block.

same (but slightly different top section), i wasn't sure if it was intended to use it or not


hey i ranked your game and 19 others here:






*clears throat*

wario 2.0

I tried like 17 times and I do this

I keep seeing games that remind me strongly of Baba Is You, and then I check... HEMPULI...


That is correct; when you play these games, you are in the presence of a genius.


Ahhhah hah hha hhahhhhrrrggggggg mmmm. Brillliant, as always!

whats the point of being able to do this?


I love how I can never get passed level one on these games.

im so confunsed on the 1st level

Quit on level 7(?) but it was fun for a bit.

Ctrl q to skip a level,  but the later levels only get harder

You pick

Did you steal a comment from me? Or did I steal a comment from you? For you did it first on Lorgeban, yet I did it first on Covemount.

Seriously though, did you take my idea?

I'm sorry, I won't steal comment ideas again.


I got stuck on this one but the twist as usual is great


Did it end with "winrar!"?

Or is there still some trick to solve?


That's the end, don't worry


Thx 4 da video.

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be scared, i roared


I figured out what the mouse does in this, but only a little

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Just out of curiosity, anyone get this level with less than 4 boxes? (Because I haven’t :P Not even sure if it’s possible).

Also still working on the level after this one. Anyone get it? So far I can get either one X and the flag, or both X’s while blocking the flag :S


i found solution with 2


What language/platform do you use to make these games? I'm very impressed with how many games you make


He uses Multimedia Fusion 2 and a Lua Scripting plugin (at least, that’s what he’d been using for a long time. I don’t know if lua is compatible with the web export)

He’s also been known to use Love2D on occasion, but he’s been using MMF2 for years and he knows it so well that he just sticks with it.

He streams sometimes, and when the subject of engines is brought up, he expresses that he sticks with the engine because it’s what he knows so well, but he’s also aware that it… is a little bit old, turning 18 later this year, so he doesn’t usually recommend it as an engine. Platforms that are comparable nowadays in terms of design would be GDevelop and Construct, but Godot’s also a pretty fast development environment, though more traditional in its engine design.

Thank you!

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u can draw boxes with mouse cursor :D


I was able to draw blocks on the level before that mechanic was introduced, not sure if this is intentional or a bug


It's intentional but the levels before it's introduced are intended to be solved without it


Oh my god… that’s how you do it. Thanks, I was stuck.


So, KEKE is now pushing the blocks without bending the rules?

I find it astonishing how you always find a way to introduce a tiny twist to make simple puzzles interesting again :D

I think that character isn't exactly Keke from baba is you, it's just a unnamed character