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Push block? Push block! Block-pushing! Push! Block! Push! Block! Push! Push!

Arrow keys - Move
R - Restart level
Z - Undo

Use mouse to click on the music/audio volume buttons.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
Tags2D, Cute, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


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IABPG.zip 3 MB

Development log


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☆ You summoned an OSC fan (which is me) all because the player looks like Circle from HFJONE-

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Hello, fellow OSC member.

Open your eyes


any way to change window size or fullscreen? it's loading too big to see the text at the bottom of the screen or the volume buttons. unless desperately pushing the window around my screen is part of the block-pushing i need to be doing...

Ah dang, I'll need to add support for that. Thanks!

22/22.  Hardest part was finding the levels, because, there is a last level and why would a dev lie in a game. Nice introduction into ...  non lateral thinking. Hardest was  28dec (before it became easiest ;-)

I opened the Map file and hacked an level so i can pass it

ctrl+a exists

where are the images stored?



likw the player icon,the wall icon,the block icon,the test (fake wall idk im making custom levels now and thats what its called in the things section),stuff like that.


Ohh! Sadly they're baked into the executable and can't be changed because the game wasn't designed to support mods like that. There are some unused sprites though in the source if you tinker with the object data

ooh,like what?


how do i go to earlyer levels?

Control + A and Control + D let you move between levels

oh ok thanks


I found it very early 😎

For those struggling on level 9 and can’t figure it out: Tb qvntbanyyl.




this game has successfully recreated those "you can do that??" moments from baba is you


any plans for a mac port???


hey i cheated is that okay?


Yes, don't worry about it

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rot13: Bug report

sbhaq 5o, ohg V'z fghpx va gur evtug punzore naq pna'g frrz gb zbir nalguvat be tb onpx. jura V erfgneg gur tnzr vg oevatf zr evtug onpx. Oht? Vs abg vg'f hapyrne jung npgvbaf V pna gnxr ng nyy

EDIT: this persists even after redownload... where can I just straight reset the game?

EDIT 2: Figured out what I was missing. still, reset data might be a nice feature?

Yeah, sorry; I somehow always assume that people won't need that but end up being wrong. Seems like you found the save file, but basically all my games place their save files in users\<your username>\AppData\roaming\<game-specific folder>\.

it is not working for me

In what way is the game not working?





Love the game. Wanted to play in a console, so I wrote a replacement interface wrapper to use your game logic scripts. https://github.com/sparr/IABPG.lua


Oh wow, thanks for the effort! :)

Rot13, as others are doing.

7p vf uvynevbhfyl qvssvphyg. V qvq gur yrsg fvqr svefg, gura qvq gur gjb gnetrgf ba gur obggbz evtug pbeare juvyr nyfb serrvat hc fbzr oybpxf. Gura V qvq enaqbz guvatf gung sryg pbeerpg gb pbzcyrgr gur erfg, rnpu gvzr V pbzcyrgr 7p V qb vg va n qvssrerag jnl.


rot13 spoilers

V qvqa'g xabj gung gur tvzzvpx jnf qvntbanyf. V trahvaryl gubhtug lbh unq gb tb vagb gur svyrf naq rqvg gur yriryf lbhefrys, juvpu vf jung V qvq.

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Spoilers, use ROT13 to decode:

V fbzrubj qvfpbirerq gur qvntbany gevpx ba yvgrenyyl gur frpbaq yriry. V qba'g xabj ubj, V guvax vg jnf orpnhfr V jnf guvaxvat bs ehqr purff, juvpu va gur tnzr fbzr bowrpgf zbir qvntbanyyl. Nsgre orngvat gur tnzr, V qrpvqrq gb orng vg ntnva, ohg guvf gvzr abg zbivat qvntbanyyl hagvy gur uru yriry. Abg zbivat qvntbanyyl znqr gur Qrprzore gjragl rvtug yriry n ybg uneqre. Ohg lrnu, tbbq tnzr.

This next paragraph and the edit message are even more spoilery:

Abgr: va gur zvqqyr bs jevgvat guvf, V cynlrq vg ntnva naq abgvprq gung vs lbh jrag bhg bs obhaqf va gur svany yriry, lbh trg gur gehr svany yriry.

Edit: Bu zl, V whfg qvfpbirerq, Lbh pna trg bhg bs obhaqf va nal yriry (ohg gjb bs gurz), naq vg erirnyf n havdhr yriry sbe rnpu bar! Naq, va gjb bs gubfr havdhr yriry, lbh pna trg bhg bs obhaqf nf jryy! V fbyirq nyy bs gubfr yriryf naq svanyyl orng gur tnzr.


At first, I thought it was Sokoban and I could easily grasp the movements and enjoy the puzzles. But then my common sense was turned upside down in the middle of the puzzle and it was very interesting!

I got 22/22 and cleared the puzzle!

Congratulations! Thank you for playing :)


I enjoy this, nontrivial as it is but... WSAD, please?


Sure, I can add those in

next make knight movements when you press an arrow key and its matching letter and then another arrow or letter key,it jumps over stuff but there is a red wall that blocks the jump

When I open the file, nothing appears. The music plays, but that's it. Am I missing something?

Same :( Windows 11 here.

You've possibly placed the game in a folder that doesn't allow the game to read the external files. Try placing it on the desktop or in the C:\ root folder, in case that helps.

Yes, that was the issue! I had extracted only the executable from the zip and not the Data folder. Thank you for the pointer!

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Ooo that level 9.. I mean it wasn't entirely unexpected given its creator is a giant [puzzle craftsman].

Fun little  game ended up playing it twice.

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Because of the fact that you've only played twice, you haven't seen all of the game. But yeah, there is more you haven't discovered. I can give a hint if you want.


I very much enjoyed this absolutely ordinary and totally run-of-the-mill and totally not strange block pushing game


I really enjoyed the game!! 

level 11 seems to not have a b level (1.0.3), but it can be fixed if you rename the level id b10 to b11 in map.lua.


Shoot, thanks!

ticc corners

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Really fun block pushing game, I completed the whole thing (got stumped on a few puzzles before having that “aha!” moment) and it absolutely grabbed me! Soundtrack is fun too! So good



got my video up as well :)



Yo, icely!!!

hello :))

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Now it's up:

Wonderful game, Hempuli, you remain as one of the shining stars of the indie game community <3


but ur hempuli, not hempushi, wat


Oh I like that

Fun lil mystery <3 Some of the puzzles left me wondering for a while hehe

Lovely soundtrack

Thanks a lot :)

I love this lil thing! oh and I pressed Control+S and it killed the music :< could not figure out how to toggle it back on. I also started reading the footnotes at the bottom way too late lol


Thanks! The Control + S thing was a bug, should be fixed now!

it also happens on rude chess

Welp, should've realized. Thanks!

this is good :)

Thank you!

Solved them all :D