A small, small escape room game I made in 2008 that was inspired by similar flash games of the time. The game is so small and simple that I thought it'd be fun to HTML5-ize it.

Use left mouse to interact with things, and right mouse to get more information about them.

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good game, but some hints is a bit blur.

code pls give me code i need it i will not troll


Dumb, illogical incomprehensible bad game ... sorry too hard to understand


Shame to hear you didn't like it.

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this felt very similar to an old browser escape game.

I forgot the name soo: A lot of moving latters and going through rooms, no camera rotation, looking for 4 rhombus, pond with electrical water beside a box with a 4 number code lock, turning valves

that felt good

Yeah, there were a lot of little Flash escape room games back in 2008 or so, and this was directly based on those

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Fun clues! Knew I was going to forget about moving [that number], and forgot about it anyway xD 9:06


brute forced the power box thingy :)


8:14, that was pretty cool for a short escape game!


Great work!

I kept exiting and entering the panel in the middle of entering the code and apparently that breaks it, whoops!


Huh, thanks for the notice!

Does the circle beneath the broken wires mean something interesting? I finished the game and I'm a bit confused.


It's supposed to be the number 4 with fancy decor

10:29 not bad...


I got stuck on the power board


really struggling with figuring out the code, took a couple days break and played some other escape rooms and came back to it and i have more of a clue than before but im still pretty stumped. If there was a guide or hints that would be great

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I proceeded to immediately get it, turns out i was missing the final number which was on the paper

Pretty good.

I enjoyed this nostalgic style escape game.

I had a hard time finding the release for the circle and cross mark puzzles, and I spent several dozen minutes struggling to figure them out. But when I solved it, I was very happy because I felt as if I could read some of the author's thoughts!


really good but im stuck with figuring out the code :(

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i csnt figure out what the letters mean :(

that was fun

0:6:29 Nice!

25 seconds, alright!


this is so puzzling and challanging! This is great!


Quaint. This will be a good nostalgia game for some. Hints I could've used:

  • they aren't hexadecimal digits
  • that isn't Jupiter
  • use each number once

Bug? At the left-hand base of every wall there's a blank clickable area that does nothing, and right-clicking describes "A metallic key, looks a bit like the one for my car."


Love the classic style! Shame I can't figure out one of the puzzles, haha.


Great game!  It's cool you were able to put up something from so long ago


Awesome! This was a really fun little puzzle, thanks Hempuli :)


Figured it out! That was a great escape room.


Simple but fun! Love seeing old small projects revived


I struggled but I got there. I didn't read carefully and thought the pliers were wirecutters. Oops. I noticed that if you play again immediately your time just gets added on to your previous attempt.

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It was easy, but fun also!