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Gnomes from two different schools of gardening happen upon the same clearing. This means war! Both gnome groups aim to use the varying skills of their members to show the other group whose grassy knolls are the grassiest. 

This is a 2-player abstract boardgame about trying to capture your opponent's pieces via ambushes and tactical gardening. The gardening aspect turns the game board into a changing landscape, allowing for surprising strategies. The PDF explains the rules and provides illustrations for how to play and setup the game.

CategoryPhysical game
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TagsAbstract, boardgame, Forest, Two Player


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I've noticed that the manual says 14 pieces on the starting board, but I've counted 16 in the reference picture. 🥺 Wich do I play with


The reference image is correct; it should be 16, not 14. Apologies about that.

Thank you for the game!!! It made people Happy!!!

We’ve played a few games of this and we had fun! It’s far faster than we were anticipating. A couple times one of us was like, “oh, oops, I only have one gnome left. You win!”

Ooh, that's really cool! Thanks for sharing :)

Another awesome game!  The abilities of the pieces being determined by their location in or out of the thicket is a really neat idea.  The components you used look great too.  I'll second that comment to pursue pitching and publishing some of these ideas.


Thanks a lot :) Yeah, it'd be cool to do something more with these.

I think this is the case, but I'm not entirely sure. When a gnome re-enters the thicket they lose their role and could pop back out as a different role? Essentially, are roles assigned/tracked to the hidden pieces?

Yeah, when in a thicket the gnomes become role-less, so you could jump into a thicket and re-emerge as a different role!


Do you plan to ever work with a board games producer to produce and release all your awesome (and brilliantly simple) games in a single package of awesomeness?


I've been a bit unsure what to do with these, but thank you for the encouragement!


This looks adorable and elegant! Just so I understand the rules... Am I correct that in the photos you posted here & in the rules PDF, all of the green buttons are thickets tiles and there are no barren ground tiles visible? (they are presumably the flip side of the buttons)


Yeah, that's the case! The photos were taken from a version that didn't have the barren ground tiles as a mechanic (although I think I had already coloured the buttons on the other side in preparation for that, haha).