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A group of strangers is trying to cross the street. At the same time, another group of strangers is doing the same! Only one group can do this feat, and realizing this, both groups prepare for some stylish walking and jumping action.

This is a 2-player abstract boardgame where you try to reach the opposing end of the board before your opponent does. The pieces change their behaviour after every move, and players can perform tricky chained moves, making the gameplay very hard to master. The PDF explains the rules and provides illustrations for how to play and setup the game.


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I love the components and the theming.  Seems like a good mash up of checkers and Chinese checkers.

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I made a 3D model of a pawn for this game for myself; feel free to use it/print copies/whatever if you like.

edit: also made a box for a whole set of 'em, linked from the first page, since I'm gonna try it with more friends!

I'd like to clarify a point about the capture rule: If a unit captures an opponent during a chain of jumps, regardless of whether the capture occurs at the beginning or end of the jump sequence, can its final position disregard the 'must be closer to the opposite end of the board' rule?


Yeah; the capture happening at any point of the chain nullifies the "must end up ahead" rule.