Boxes? And pushing? Who would've thought!

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can i get help? the first appearence of anti walls

I just figured that one out. I'll give you a hint: The character is pushable.

LOVED THIS! Stumbled upon this yesterday and have now played through the whole thing. Fun small puzzle game--not too hard. Just tricky enough to leave me stumbled, then I figure it out.

MC is cannonically a female:


Whiner! NO-

Is the X hard-coded? By BABA logic this should work.



this isn't baba, so idk what kinda troll logic you're trying to apply here

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WEIRDO fun game 

this level seems a bit too easy

Does anybody know if something is wrong here?

hold up i forgot the photo 

Nah, seems like it's just supposed to be like that man.

You know, this is the first time I've beaten one of your games and I enjoyed it a lot. I think you need to make a full game because you have the creativity necessary for making an amazing puzzle game. I'm excited about your next project.


Oh, I didn't know you made Baba is You. I guess you already made a great game congrats!


I think something might've broken with the last fix; I can no longer select/move any of the tiles besides the player on the first level.

Really enjoying this series of games!


I feel like that should be intentional


That's intentional; I wanted to make it slightly less likely that the player accidentally discovers the twist by e.g. clicking on the game screen to give it focus


Ah that makes sense. That is indeed how I discovered the twist to this one in the first place. Thanks!

How are you supposed to figure out the twist if you can't click anything in the first level and there's nothing indicating you can in the second?


the third level has you surrounded by walls and there's a cursor icon in the bottom-left, I think that's a pretty good hint

apparently I'm just bad at sokoban (despite having beaten this whole game and several other covemountlikes before) because I tried to beat level 2 without the ability before making this comment and I was completely stumped until you implicitly confirmed it was doable. maybe I was just tired lol


Are you planning on making a compilation of all of these mini-games?


Yeah, I do think I'll eventually make one. I'll just have to decide how to best gather them together to ensure that the result is easy to work with & portable to other platforms.




if you do try to combine them, you could probably do so in many ways as long as no visual clarity is lost (ability to distinguish which item is from which game)

I think you could rather fittingly use baba is you type rules to distinguish which object is from which game.


this one's really good


Hempuli's brain cell


Haha, that's inspired!


On some levels, I win when I jump into water as myself and then jump into water as the flag. Is that intentional? This game doesn't have the level select so I haven't gone back to gather more detailed information, but it feels like a glitch


Control + Q lets you skip levels if you want to test stuff. You shouldn't be able to win by moving a selected flag in the water because the flag should sink before that can happen, so there might indeed be a bug there. Thanks!


I originally thought that was how you won one of the levels (the level seemed impossible because I thought a box was a wall), but now it doesn't work. I assume the bug was fixed?


Yeah, there was a bug where a destroyed flag could still give you a victory, and I fixed that


Anyway, that's fun!


Best Ending


Not listed with the other "cove" games, hmm. 'Nother good puzzle challenge. Had to guess at some of the "rules." Like who overprints or pushes whom, and when you can dash to the flag for the finish, but minor concerns. Thanx once again.

Ooh, "RHINO WINE" is a good one

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Pretty neat idea! I found a bug in the L-shaped level with 3 water tiles and 3 crosses, where a bug makes you complete the level if you:

- Place the player and a sea tile on the leftmost cross, and another water tile in the middle cross
- Activate the left water tile causing the player to die
- Moving the activated water tile to the middle cross with the other water tile, making it die
- Moving the flag in the same water tile. When it died the level got completed.

Note: It happened to me once, I didn't try it again.


Yeah, I found this seemingly unintentional way of beating levels too. You just need to drown both the player and the flag for the level to autocomplete. You can do this as soon as second level.


Yeah, there might be a bug with the water here, others have reported similar stuff. Thanks to both of you, I'll look into it! :)


ah yes, cove your own mount I can only assume that's (legally not) what it stands for


let's gooo


Cyom Walkthrough

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This game may have been the most wack (besides maybe mountinuum) but I had a good time with it!



or no