Never-before-seen technology has allowed us to develop and present to you this innovative interactive media piece - use the arrow, or WASD keys, to guide a character on your "browser window" and have them, among other things, push items about and collide with walls!!!

Guaranteed Fascination!

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(90 total ratings)
Tagsclickteam, gimmick, klik, Sokoban, thinky


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why is this one no longer visable?

The collections on Itch can only fit up to 20 games, the rest require you to look at the collection itself to appear.

1111111 my fongers hurt


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Happy 100 days of mounting coves! (In my time zone at least)

I counted, this is the number of blocks in each level next to the number you need to interact with, accompanied by notes if needed:

1: 2/2
2: 3/3 
3: 3/4
4: 5/8 
5: 0/0
6: 0/0
7: 0/1 (just use the ones digit)
8: 0/0
9: 0/1 (press X, push the tens digit next to the upper left corner, push the ones digit in the lower right corner, get in the upper left corner, spam M, push it out to cover the button and win normally)
10: 0/0
11: 0/0
12: 0/0 (unless you count letters as blocks, in that case 3/4)
13: 0/0

There is a block that is completely useless


There are a lot of useless blocks

Like what?

You make a mean move counter...


I wish I figured out to press keys IXLCM... T_T

What happened to V and D? Where are they? What did you do to them, Hempuli?


D I didn't include because WASD is already used for controlling the character, and V... I actually genuinely forgot about V, haha

V isnt useful anyway. as you dont need specific numbers.

Yeah, but they included L, so...




I am very mature




You are henceforth banned from the covemountain area for the crime of saying "owo".

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Of course.

i figured out what the name means! that's cute.

What does it mean?


It's a simple twist on the word "movecount"


this was the best i could do to make it spell "NERD!"

overall very silly and one of the less difficult sokobans ive played.


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I hate you so much


so thats what ixclm meant.. if only i realized it before the win page, my fingers are sore as hell


Ah dang, sorry. But great work!


OH MY GOD I DIDNT UNDERSTAND IT EITHER UNTIL I READ YOUR COMMENT, I thought I'd tried pressing one of those keys as well during gameplay but maybe I didn't!


joining the party lmao wow.


*clears throat*






"1337speak" was an old name for writing with letters replaced by numbers


Truly, the inclusion of a "limited move counter" enables puzzle games to exist

I played three new puzzle games! All of them were very fun and challenging, just at the limit of my cat-like brain!

It's great that you create so many interesting puzzles, meow!

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To the future covemountineers who find this skeleton: please remember my (probably unnecessary) sacrifice…





So you pressed the M key 10,000 times? Or was it even worse?


Also a tip for anyone else stuck (which I was until I played it again):


Remember level 8


did the same thing….



Winner with 1 n lol

This was really fun, thanks for putting it up!


What a great puzzle game!

I just noticed there was a shortcut for increasing count but to late...

Hope you are ok with this video?


I thought to myself "the dev for this game was probably inspired by Baba Is You!" only to realize that the dev for this game IS Baba Is You





so that means dev just wrote comment to himself using fake account...

The developer made Baba Is You

The developer is Baba Is You

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this game broke my doubleyou key, good game through


It's a very simple game, but it's cool to play. I liked your ideias making this. You're a curious developer.


i love incremental gameses! smiles! :)))D)):)::)))

Do you sell keyboard? it make my finger hurt!

How do you beat the level with the button infrong of the gate

Lbh arrq gb chfu gur bar'f qvtvg guebhtu gur qbbe juvyr yrnivat gur gra'f qvtvg oruvaq ba gur ohggba. Guvf tbrf ntnvafg genqvgvbany fbxbona ybtvp va gung gur gra'f qvtvg jvyy bpphcl gur fnzr fdhner nf lbh jura vg nccrnef ba gur ohggba, nyybjvat lbh gb yrnir vg gurer. Gur cnevgl vf bss fb lbh jvyy arrq gb hfr n zbir ntnvafg n jnyy be fbzrguvat.

What language is that??


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sins :)

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I just wrote sins with the winer letters and numbers and I can't paste it here for some reason, this is so silly, amazing game :)

hehehehe thanks

The two rooms one was brillaint, very good short fun for the morning, thanks!


The move counter debate has never been so cursed! :-D

I love the sarcasm here


Number Is Count


Is the "winer!" screen truely the end or is this some meta level? If it is the end, then I have to say, this was a great experience. It always baffles me how simple the level looks but the then there's a neat trick for everything. Awesome work.


there isn't a flag, but I am suspicious too

Well, if you use ctrl+q to skip the level, it doesn’t go anywhere, so…


Great fun! do I know when I've truly gotten to the end of a Hempuli game......?

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When the skip level developer hotkey doesn’t go anywhere.

Lovely puzzle design, such a simple concept with loads of good little complications

This is brilliant. Is there an easy method to download this game for offline play?


You have a way of creating really inviting, easy-looking puzzles only to mess you up completely haha. Love it.

ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

photos not allowed? now i just look crazy!!! lets try again


and again


ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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ha ha ha ha ha ha!

ha ha ha ha ha (coughs) ha!

I'd buy a full game of this, good puzzle design!

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