We've reached a critical mass of boxes and they've gone wild! Should've secured a higher CPU budget.

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the last level nearly killed me, thank you for the wonderful experience

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It's sure interesting that there's a block like a chess knight in this advanced game that I'm battling.


o  u  o!

Okay so when I try to do the Ctrl+Q command it opens up the action tab on my computer as well, which means that this command can only be used once.

Ah; maybe I should change the "skip levels" command to something else :/


Covejank Walkthrough

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This is a really cool take on box pushing puzzles, I've never seen one where there's such a variety in how you can push them!

I do feel like it's far too difficult to read a puzzle at a glance. I don't know how much more of the game there is, but I think I've gotten pretty far. I've gotten stuck on one that has a few boxes set up in a chain reaction around the start. I feel like I'm thinking less about how to solve the puzzle as I am just trying to read it. It's hard to tell which box went where since they slide too fast, and you can't watch them all at once, so I can't tell which box did what.

Maybe I'm just dumb, but the way the arrows change on push was more confusing than helpful. It might be a hard to cram onto each box, but I think it may be more intuitive to give each box 4 arrows, one on each side, like this:

When you push from the left, the box will move in the direction based on the arrow on its left, and so on.


That wouldn't work because this doesn't give information about which direction the box pushes other blocks in when pushed, which is what the direction of the arrow gives

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Oh, I didn't even know some of the notation was for that, I thought they were just treated like normal player pushes.

On the one hand, I feel like I'm being too whiny about this, figuring out the notation could just be a part of the puzzle. Puzzles like this may just not be my preference, and I could just prefer puzzles with more clearly defined rules. Baba Is You is tough, but the rules for everything are clear. Chances are though that the notation is fine, and I just wasn't smart enough to read it.

On the other hand, I feel frustrated that the rules were so obtuse that I wasn't making decisions with each block, I was just brute forcing stuff to see what worked.

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way to much fun :)


If you push a block and then undo sometimes the block arrow stays the changed way instead of also reverting. Not sure if that's intentional?

Wow this game is actually better then I thought!


It took me way too long to understand what the direction of the black arrows meant lol


what do they mean



The black arrows shows which direction it will multipush

Loooove iiiiit!

extra wacky this one, but extra fun too.

Nvm this is minding my bend

Best one yet

Ok but nothing actually tells what the letters at the end of the game do. SPOILERS FOR THE MAINGAME

Anyone who hasn't played yet gone?


Assuming we always use a rightwards push:
U: (0,+2) multipushes right 
O: (+2,+2) multipushes right 
N: (+2,-2) multipushes right 
E: (+1,-1) multipushes right 
!: (0,+1) multipushes right

real shame they all have the same multipush.

Covejank Gameplay

Thank god for trial and error. I'm not sure how I solved about half of those. But another excellent puzzle. Still no mercy for the automatic saveless. Thanx encore.

truly another fave, thanks for making me jank.


thank you, jank master


I think I found a bug. The highlighted box doesn’t do what is advertised. image.png


How come? Could you give an example where it doesn't work as intended?

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it works like the top left box (2 forward, 1 left) but it is marked differently maybe i don’t understand the game enough


The difference between those two is that when they're pushed into another box, they push the other box in a different direction, indicated by the tiny arrow.

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thanks for the clarification

game hard

This was especially hard !

[<- uno [<->] card >]

(reverse uno reverse card)

Insanity I say, this is insane



No death animation this time it seems


oh right