Statistics have shown that Ueqouow is either the most or least popular covemountlike, or somewhere in-between. Now we're trying to chase that same high/low/midpoint!

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Tags2D, Cute, Pixel Art, Singleplayer

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i think this one took longer than almost any of the others. 10/10 my head is in a great deal of pain


No but seriously, too hard. Level 1 is too hard. I assume all the other levels are too hard too.

I feel smart again. Thanks

by the time he runs out of ideas, there's going to be like 50 of these.

idk How to Get Past Level 1


owo owo !


Cool game

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this is a really chromatic adventure, specially if i knew sokoban and could get past the first level, great game, right after writing this got past it, now im stuck on level 2 !

Level 2 requires you to open the gate so you can move the boxes up top. But if you're serious about this I'd suggest you tackle the first Cove game first. Or play some online Sokoban to hone your warehouse maneuvers.

yeah ive tried covemount and got a little bit far, unfortunately my habits of scrolling down spoiled the game... i got past a few levels but couldnt win, the idea here is pretty good

Sokoban (and its many variants such as the Cove games) is the greatest puzzle game ever invented. (Sorry, Tetris.) Somewhat similar to Bricks (or Klocki), it has one simple rule, you can push crates but not pull them. Out of this thousands of great puzzles, from easy to impossible, have been constructed. Any player needs a familiarity with Sokoban to complete any of the Cove games. However, you're only doing yourself a big favor by learning Sokoban.


I wn :)


WW :)

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WWWW, it's the Wacky World Wide Web!

Lucky 13. Lucky because my axons were on their last legs. I was calculating at the end that if levels 14-15 get any harder, I'm toast. Liked this one as much as Cavemount. Felt more like a game, that is, more to do with figuring out puzzles than rules. Anyway, you rule. Thanx again.

apparently a black box in a black-and-white zone acts as a wall for black?

nvm black pushes it.

but why does black now push it?

but a black box on a white door acts as a wall for black, instead of a path. not sure if this is intentional or not

The game logic is kind of rudimentary, leading to oddities like these, sadly :(


My trick is to beat these as soon as possible so I can take advantage of all the easy techniques before they're patched out


I'm going to name them Winston and Winifred.

Overall, not as gimmicky as the other ones, but I definitely got pretty stumped at times.

Covechrome Walkthrough

brain hurts but it was fun

also you can move this black W in the white zone for some reason

Cool! Reminds me a bit of that old Nitrome game Yin Yang!

Ueqouow 2! Nothing compares! 2


not smart enough for this game but i love it


Stuck on the very first level, I feel stupid.


I got as far as the one with three colors three buttons in the middle striped area. I'd need some more food in my belly to get past that one.

I don't know if this idea is of your creation, but it's well executed no matter what. Some sounds might be a nice touch too.

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This win screen sums up about the game.

And, I also did this afterwards.

Anyway, I guess one of the recent challenging ones so far.


chrome battle advanced