We decided to take a break from all those block-pushing games and make a hack'n'slash game instead.

Hold on for a bit, our programmer is trying to say something urgent

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Role Playing
Tags2D, Creepy, Cute
Average sessionA few seconds

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I tried to find out if there's a secret on the wan level for way too long.

I wan the game


(now the owo is dangerous)



Cavemount Walkthrough

The vibe and the killing mosters scratches my head just right. Very cool puzzle game <3

This level has been driving me nuts.  As much as I hated to do it, I watched the synopsis video another player posted, and when they played this level the circled opponent was where I put the red X.  Did this change?  If so, are there any suggestions someone can give me as to what I need to do without solving it for me?  I'd like to actually beat this game, but at some point I'm going to have to restart my browser and don't want to play it all over again!

Yeah, the level was changed to fix cheese. You can press Control + Q to skip levels if you need to restart the game and want to get back to where you left off. As for a hint, if you can get to level 2 you can defeat the slimes without them being pushed onto the spikes; to solve the level you'll need to be at least level 3.

What was the cheese option? I beat it the intended way, which was hard.


Originally only one level 3 was in front of the stairs so you could just push the potion out of the way and get to the exit.

How am I stuck on level 3 😭


Hint: If you have to take damage, it's best to do so from the higher level enemy, because that way you'll need less levels to defeat the other enemies.


I love that level 9 enemy is the monster from monsters expedition


 Hold on, is this our trusty avatar or a well-armed ladybug seen from the back?

This post bangs

good question....?

Doing great work




Because the dungeon designer says so


he's a monster

Hmmm, this hack'n'slash game seems very similar to some block pusher games I know


It's a game that lacks the mechanics of saving progress.

I think I got lost in the Mount Caves, because that one level where you're surrounded by slimes surrounded by spikes seems impossible at every turn, no matter what I try.


There's only one thing on the board that doesn't die on the spikes . . . and congrats for not succumbing to the walkthrough. The only way not to beat a puzzle is to check the walkthrough. Because then you can never do it yourself.

Thanks for the help, I was making a completely incorrect assumption.

I'm also stuck on this level - I know what doesn't die on the spikes, but I have no clue how to apply that because once it's on the spikes, nothing else can interact with it (other than pushing things against it?) Help??

You answered your own question! Push things against it to build up strength. Good luck.

Yeah, I never check walkthroughs. What's the point of a puzzle if you look up the answers?


not as cursed as the rest, still very puzzling

Starts out deceptively easy . . .  Thought I'd get lost in the cavern there, but managed to feel my way out. Another good puzzle with an added layer of creepy atmosphere. Was the 18+ check at the outset for real or a joke?


A joke, I added the "adult" tag and didn't realize it added the age check, haha

why is it labeled 18+? (or was idk to be honest)


I gave the game the "adult" tag as a joke but didn't realize it'd actually add an age check

Not only that. Your account name is no longer findable if you search it on itch without being logged in and having adult content active. Since you are currently an adult game developer. 


Oh wild, thanks for notifying me! I guess I'll need to contact support

Or you could just correct the meta information about this being an adult game ;-)

This should do the trick. But it might not be immediatly. Games like Baba Is You are still searchable, it seems. One just cannot search hempuli (without being logged in and having clicked that adult checkbox).

gotta love censorship


Just activate the setting and uncensor your account ;-)

Not bad. It reminds me of an old game by (I think) the Grow Cube dev. I forget the name of it.




wan. wow, this one is way harder than the other bunch


How can you do such crazy things and immediately make them feel like that's how it was always supposed to be?! Yet another A+



i think this might be my favorite so far even though it's among the most ridiculous

The part of the screen at the bottom that was missing before the update is really helpful!

Yeah, it was really silly of me to miss that it wasn't there, haha