Another solitaire, this time with actual Baba Is You mechanics! Stack all suits in order from 1 to 10, and form rules to help you on your way!

How to play:
- Use left mouse to move cards around
- Click on the "Display rules" checkbox to see the rules description

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(26 total ratings)
Tags2D, baba-is-you, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, solitaire


Old version (On Any intact)
Old version (Any# intact)

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I have officially beaten it, this took me less time than the original Babataire but was way more fun in my opinion.

...Gosh darn it...

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I feel like this would be better if text cards always stacked onto each other. It wouldn't matter if they're different types (name, "is", property) or if it helps form a statement; You'd always be able to stack the cards.

I also feel like it would be nice if the rule cards had their own border colour; Maybe pink, like the "text" noun, while the current border for a value being changed becomes purple instead.

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competed babataire without any rule cards being used.


Ran into a controls issue.
Managed to stack so many cards in one pile that the movable part was offscreen.
Even though the rules would allow continued play, my cursor can't reach the playable cards.

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beat it

how do i screenshot

took me a while, but i managed to solve a deck. this is amazing

Sorry, but I have no idea how quality cards are supposed to work, and what the win should look like. What's a stack? I'll never know that either. Bye everyone, english instructions are hard.

Cool twist! Though the Restart button seems to reset my score to 0 as well?

This makes me feel so smart and so dumb at the same time. 11/10

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Realizing now that you can get yourself stuck because "+5" and "OPPOSITE" can't be applied to the same suit. Bummer cause it feels kind of bad and hard to plan for (and disincentivizes getting creative with rules). If I could do "FOFO IS KEKE IS OPPOSITE *AND* +5" it could work, but I imagine "AND" would be hard to add as a separate card (what would "BABA IS KEKE AND FOFO" do lol). Maybe just code in that if "OPPOSITE" and "+5" are stacked it reads as "OPPOSITE AND +5"? Maybe that would be too strong in the early game.

baba is keke and fofo makes baba cards work as keke and fofo card

i wanna download

can't stop playing. nice work

Pretty cool game!


Forgot to post here, but yeah.

One thing is that the fifth pile on the left feels a bit hard to notice as well as the whelmings of rules making it easy to get stuck, but I guess it's also easy to stuck in regular solitaire

think a discard pile for rules would be nice, really sucks loosing so much space for the extra is s and words

Baba Is Confused


I think the game would really benefit from an undo button.

is this unwinnable? really needs a tutorial

Agreed that the game'd really benefit from a tutorial; for that particular setup, you could move K10 to a middle slot, the the K2 onto the top slot, then keep putting cards onto the middle slots until you dug out the first Is, which'd let you free up some of the middle slots by forming rules.


wait how would you dig out an is if all the middle slots are filled??? and even then there isn't space to make a rule

other slots

I got about 10 cards from the end, when I realised I had made an unsolvable situation. I was still able to whittle it down to 5 cards, but I wasn't even able to make a 9 anymore at the end, regardless of which suit it was. So not sure how that's possible, but it happened :b

Using the rules in certain combinations can cause those situations, yeah

Did you try stacking effects? I think once you get to an end board they are all solvable. 

I tried all sorts of stuff, was over a month ago but I think this was a screenshot from the situation.

make BABA is KEKE and then hit stack, you should be able to finish the rest yourself


I retried something as 10 times before understanding the way it behaves (tenacious because I was really hooked by the concept ^^). Perhaps a highlight on the places a card can go (when you hover it) could help?

I sadly miss-clicked on Restart while wanted to check "Display rules".... while I almost finished the game :/
A popup "Sure?" could handle that ?

I think I'll make it so that you need to hold the button down for a bit before it takes effect.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll consider the highlighting (it's potentially a bit of an ordeal to implement with how the rest of the engine is done, sadly).

I think it would just make a lot of sense if the “Restart” and “Stack” buttons just changed places, with restart under the score, which you never need to click.


Fair point!

I nearly lost my streak going to click where Stack used to be after updating. Noticed just in time.


I knew that switching the locations would cause some confusion, but my hope was that it'd still be overall better in the long run.

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Lovely concept, however the realization that "ON ANY" is pretty much the only rule that is required to beat the game shrinks down the excitement from solving this otherwise neat puzzle. It was cool to tryhard without it, but once the realization came, every other rule had become useless and the solution was just a matter of time and clicks.

Dk what to do with this(maybe restrict the rule rearrangement), but imo this rule is too good that it ruins the game for me, that otherwise would have been very replayable. 

Thanks for the feedback! I tried to adjust that rule slightly more to improve the balance even further.

This is really cool :D Thought I was almost done and then I was here :/

Neatly solvable situation, no?

This was fantastic.  I had to loose 4 or 5 games before I understood, but it was fun!   "is any #" was essential.  I had 3 suit names available and was able to juggle.

Really well done!

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This was a very delightful mess! It's really fun, especially when you line up a [Suit is Any#] rule. I did notice that the Wins counter resets when you press Restart which is a bit odd

I think this is an engine thing, maybe? I noticed that Babataire and Cavern Sweeper both had this bug


 Small bug: - you can stack a suit card on IS in the middle slots (ex. IS BABA), but if you pick up the stack you can’t put it back down (unless, presumably, there's another suit card available to stack onto). On the other hand, you can’t stack a quality on “IS” at all unless there’s already a suit card below “IS”.

I really struggled with the rules in this one:

- the second rule says that the middle 4 slots can be used to hold only 1 card, but then later it’s said that rules can be stacked on the middle 4 slots, so really it’s “the middle 4 slots can only be used to hold one regular 1-10 card, or up to three face cards if they’re stacked as if in a rule”. Because you can stack them sometimes, I tried to stack regular cards on there multiple times before realizing it just doesn’t work that way

 - When I read “face card” I think of the face cards in normal cards, which are just regular cards with high value. I assumed the B, K, F, J cards were the suit cards at first (this would probably be easier to understand if I’d played the original babataire) and got pretty confused. I think it’d be easier for me to understand if they were called “rule cards”.

- the fact that the colors of the “any suit,” “opposite” and “any #” cards match the suit cards made me feel they were part of the same suit in some way but that doesn’t appear to be the case


Thanks for the reports!

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I gave this a proper read and will adjust the rules text a bit based on your feedback & fixed the bug :)


managed to finish a game with the new changes! the rules are very satisfying to work with


insane how you post this after i beat babataire after days of attempts

good game