A solitaire inspired heavily by Zachtronics' Cluj solitaire, with Baba Is You character art on the cards!

How to play:
- Use left mouse to move cards around
- Use right mouse to place cards sideways
- Click on the "Display rules" checkbox to see the rules description

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
Tags2D, Casual, Singleplayer, solitaire

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it would be nice if there was a toggle for whether the cards discarded automatically or not. not only would non-automatic discarding make the game slightly easier but also i want to line all the cards up

I've spent more hours that I would admit. When you understand the rules is quite fun. There is a bug that swaps the last two cards when there are a lot of cards in a row, but it's definitely playable

i wanna download

I may have taken around an hour to actually win a game and understanding the game better, but boy how I loved it!

hint: if you are having some difficulty, you can put a sideways white 7 card, for example, atop of an 8 white card. if you already have a group of same color cards, this can make it easier to stack  other colored cards if there isn't any space

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Some bug with stack 4. For some reason the "red 2" card automatically moved up despite it was lowest card in the stack (undo button shown the animation how it goes back, but then it again automatically goes to the top, so in fact nothing is "undone")


I ended up in this unwinnable situation:

PS: the bug happened only once, the game is amazing (I didn't think a solitaire game could be so interesting to me)

Thanks for the compliment! I've been thinking of adding a "Stack" button like in Babataire EX in part to fix this issue, because the problem is somehow related to the auto-stacking being too "fast".

Ran into a bug in 1.0.6 where the game auto-placed the Baba "Ace" card even though there was still a green 5 covering it. This resulted in a situation where it seemed to be ignoring that card when trying to play other cards upon it.

Thanks! Ugh, I thought I had fixed this issue...

I really like the concept, I just have trouble reading the half-numbers.  Idk how hard it would be from a programming perspective to do those 'peek at this card' options a lot of solitaire games have, but if that's too hard, making the numbers a bit easier to read or making the cards stack a bit differently would really help!  Regardless, thanks for the game :D 


Hmm, I think I could try a peeking functionality!

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A little bit of ambiguity in the rule description messed me up. When it says "Up to 2 cards can be placed sideways onto any other card," It doesn't mean up to two cards can be placed sideways onto a single other card as many times as the player likes, instead it means, up to two single cards can individually be played onto non-sideways cards over the whole board at once. I was wondering why sometimes the game wouldn't let me place a sideways card until I parsed it correctly.

Thanks! Trying to word these kinds of rules in a succinct way without there being ambiguity is tough; I'll adjust the wording a bit.

As someone who shuffles words around a lot (and I'm not talking in a Baba Is You sense, heh), I am sympathetic.

Very cool! One note: After a certain number of restarts (around six or seven), the restart button stops working.


There's a bug where the keyboard inputs stop working if you click outside the game area; I suspect that's in play here. No idea what causes that though :(

Oh yeah, I think that's what's happening. My bad for not thinking of that (^_^'')


Suggestion: Add an undo for minor mistakes

That'd be nice, yeah

Insane how you guys are suddenly releasing games rapidly, very cool. (Also, IDK if this is possible to implement, but a level builder in The Plumber Thing would be really cool to see)


Hempuli, make more of these "Baba" Themed games! And, I know you live in the same country as me!


it reminds me of spider solitaire, combined with an odd and exciting version of free cell where the free cells are the cards themselves… seems difficult so far! I’ve managed to win once out of ~fifteen games, but I can’t really tell you what went right that run. I’ve played a ton of free cell but I was never any good at spider solitaire.

I find it a bit strange that if I put a 3 sideways onto a 4, I’m not allowed to pick up the sideways 3 and re-place it rightsideup on the 4 (and this can be useful sometimes to give myself a free cell)

I’m also surprised that cards auto-score as soon as they possibly can – sometimes it would be helpful if they stayed in place until there were no lower cards of any suit. But I haven’t played much of this game yet and so I hesitate to suggest changing it, maybe it adds an interesting wrinkle where I should try to build multi-color stacks instead of single-color stacks, to prevent this

great game! looking forward to playing a lot more of this

There might be a bug there. I've definitely put a sideways card on the next higher card and then "untapped" it without any issues.

I agree that cards scoring automatically feels like that could soft-lock you; both games I won I was in a situation were a card I wanted to use would instead auto-score itself. I found other ways to work without those, but yeah, scoring feels more risky than expected.

The mouse randomly stops responding

Did you move the mouse outside the game window when this happened? Could you try clicking the game window the next time it happens and see if that helps?

I tried clicking inside, clicking outside, and dragging from one to the other, but none of it seemed to help :(

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Same issue. The very first time, I could see the game completely froze since the card distribution stopped right in the middle (a certain random seed must cause a bad distribution, maybe if you run 1000 automated tests with different random seeds / predefined distributions you’ll get it?). The other times, the input stopped responding, possibly due to a game freeze too (it’s hard to say because there are no animated elements on the screen to tell if everything stopped moving).

EDIT: wait, Voltt found a 100% repro, see below.


Would be nice to have an "undo" button; it's very easy to misclick in a way that gets the game into an unsolvable state.


Yeah, I think I'll add a limited undo to this

I love the fact this made me go "I'm gonna Towers of Hannoi this shit"

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accidentally dragging a card off screen causes it to freeze

Only for the duration the mouse is off-screen, though?

I was able to freeze it proper. I think the same thing happens when you click into another tab and then return to the game though? Might be related.

Hmm, interesting; so far I've only managed to make the game temporarily freeze (with a click on the game window unfreezing). I 100% wouldn't be surprised of an actual freeze/crash existing, mind you, haha

Reproduced 100% on itch.io page under Chrome. Click on card, then click outside embedded window. Clicking inside does not unfreeze.

Ah, thanks for the reproduction steps! Got it to happen now. Hopefully something can be done about this.

I am not entirely sure what I did, but it froze for me as well.


same; I can consistently break the game by clicking outside of the iframe while the cards are being dealt at the start. (at anytime actually, but it noticeably pauses the card-deal animation) The game permanently freezes and I need to refresh the page