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So that's what bomb defusing feels irl

looks very interesting. reminds sokoban , idk why. but you as i see have another ideas.


all game interactions:

is win, is defeat: closes game

is you: the window moves

game link noun, noun link game: nothing happens

game is noun: closes game


game is fall, stop, push, boom: does nothing
game is hot does nothing, even when combined with melt in some way
game is sink: closes game

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noun is game:  the object becomes the text baba and the original baba text is removed

edit: It was a bug; noun is game now turns the object into the icon of the game. Also, game link noun actually links the game object to the refernced object

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No, that's a bug- that's also how noun is text behaves. (I have already reported this to Hempuli ~8 hours ago, don't worry)


I inspected the code.lua and find out that doing Game is Win isn't the same as Game is Defeat. I believe Game is Win triggers the 'hidden ending' in some ways because it calls a function called MF_wingame(), Defeat and Sink calls MF_endgame().
So the game actually closes either way, difference is that after Game is Win when you launch the game there is a "Thanks you for playing" at the top right corner, I think.

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Featuring the most hardcore BIY mod: no undo. It didn't stop me from discovering the game's final message!

Then I tried editing the files to add something from level 8 to the final level. A shame it didn't have the impact I was expecting -- but that's fine! I'm satisfied with what you can do already. (Even though I'm still not 100% sure how that last word works.)

game is defeat

Had a really great time with this. :)


Such a ridiculous idea but it actually plays pretty well! Still haven't found the hidden ending... but so glad you put in *spoilers* is you at the end


Baba is you, but with a physics engine.

Can you make this actual Baba DLC? Thanks


I believe the name should have been "Baba Is You: Definitive Edition"
Don't worry, happens to the best of us.


Baba is You: Ultra Deluxe

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