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I didn't even realize at first that this was made by the original BIY dev and thought it was some random funny parody game. I would love to see a full DLC version of this for the main game now!



i love it!


"key is fall" i wonder what that means

*about ten years later* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah why is this so fricking hard?!!!!!

Deleted 1 year ago



Game is cursed


The most signifigant thing I can say about this is I saw it in a scp document

of course I haven't played this yet...


If you're gonna crash the game on Game is Noun, perhaps you could also change the icon image for the game to the image used for that Noun? Fun game though! :)

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Game chrashes with "Game is Flag"

weird stuff happens whe "Flag is Game" 

Cool game


I appreciate the detailed boom effects XD

can i ask what game engine or framework did you use to make this game i will be realy grateful if you reply to me :)

you couldve checked the readme but ok

its Multimedia Fusion 2 by Clickteam

thanks man!i am glad that you answered me:)


level 6 alt solution

The game physics makes this game so much harder than the normal baba is you. Love the challenge of how everything moves in this game. Feels like a challenge mode for the original Baba is You.

no joke with physics its impossible to put letters

This is amazing, I think we should have more blocks and an editor!


Well, if you open the "Data" folder, you will realise that level data is stored in .txt files, making editing levels extremely easy.


this is hilarious and amazing. Also...I can not tell if I found the hidden ending? ALSO "game is you" is incredible - I was playing in windowed mode and it moves the window around my desktop :D

Hahaahaaa, so cool!


Glad you can make rules upside down lul

how the fuck-

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Baba Is You is an indie puzzle game where you control a cute little rabbit thing in order to move blocks that make sentences which allow you to beat levels; the Xtreme version is the same, except someone slipped something into Baba's drink and now you must do everything while you and the rest of the world slip, slide, and rotate in all the wrong directions.

While this spinoff follows the same rules in terms of what sentences do (thing is thing), the fact that there the tile system for movement was replaced with ice-y floor and rotation physics makes the game difficult not because of the puzzle (all of the puzzles are basically the first world of the original game) but because of the fact that things will move wildly depending on the orientation of the text and of what you're controlling; one moment, you can have Baba completely horizontal, and with a slight bump on anything at all, Baba will now be at a 45 degree angle (or better yet, completely upside down). It's definitely the type of silly game mode that would've been a nice unlockable in the base game, so seeing this become it's own spinoff for others to enjoy is really considerate of the developers.

Even though all levels are beatable with enough patience and trying out different combinations, I have to stress how bad level 7 feels to play because of the established movement; you have to make a rock bridge for a key in order to open a door, but the key will constantly move downwards with a gap being between it and the door. Now, this wouldn't have been such an issue if the rocks you use to make the bridge would reliably hold the key up, but both objects interact with each other in a way that allows the key to slide off the rocks really easily. While I was lucky to have been able to balance the key on a rock, this level felt way more tedious than it should've been because you had to have the objects in just the right spot for the bridge to actually work (by far the most difficult level simply because of this interaction).

All in all, this was a silly little spinoff from the original series that I neither expected nor realized I would enjoy. Definitely give this a try, but keep in mind you're bound to get mad at the physics while you're getting use to them :D

My playthrough:


I think the intended solution for the key is fall level is to just build up speed and jump the gap, with maybe a couple rocks to help with that. Unlike in the original, falling isn't instant.


cant believe it! they made a game about me! /j

Ok so this is awesome! And for free!!!!1 

More Baba, in any format, is very exciting!  Thank you!  


a high quality baba simulator with very rumbly music.  definitely would recommend to a friend or enemy

Clever idea, it works really well !

"KEKE IS KEKE" freezes the game

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Good game by the creator of Baba Is You, the game is a little difficult due to the movement system used, however this is a good thing and I enjoyed the game.

Edit: and just after I made this comment when I went to rate the game I noticed it refered to the game as an Eldrich Artifact.

Played on Mac using Wine, worked well. Fun novelty spin-off, thanks! Baba deserves more games 😍

Transforming something into "Text" doesn't work too well


So that's what bomb defusing feels irl

looks very interesting. reminds sokoban , idk why. but you as i see have another ideas.


all game interactions:

is win, is defeat: closes game

is you: the window moves

game link noun, noun link game: nothing happens

game is noun: closes game


game is fall, stop, push, boom: does nothing
game is hot does nothing, even when combined with melt in some way
game is sink: closes game

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noun is game:  the object becomes the text baba and the original baba text is removed

edit: It was a bug; noun is game now turns the object into the icon of the game. Also, game link noun actually links the game object to the refernced object

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No, that's a bug- that's also how noun is text behaves. (I have already reported this to Hempuli ~8 hours ago, don't worry)


I inspected the code.lua and find out that doing Game is Win isn't the same as Game is Defeat. I believe Game is Win triggers the 'hidden ending' in some ways because it calls a function called MF_wingame(), Defeat and Sink calls MF_endgame().
So the game actually closes either way, difference is that after Game is Win when you launch the game there is a "Thanks you for playing" at the top right corner, I think.

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Featuring the most hardcore BIY mod: no undo. It didn't stop me from discovering the game's final message!

Then I tried editing the files to add something from level 8 to the final level. A shame it didn't have the impact I was expecting -- but that's fine! I'm satisfied with what you can do already. (Even though I'm still not 100% sure how that last word works.)

game is defeat

Had a really great time with this. :)


Such a ridiculous idea but it actually plays pretty well! Still haven't found the hidden ending... but so glad you put in *spoilers* is you at the end


Baba is you, but with a physics engine.

Can you make this actual Baba DLC? Thanks


I believe the name should have been "Baba Is You: Definitive Edition"
Don't worry, happens to the best of us.


Baba is You: Ultra Deluxe

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