A downloadable deductible for Windows

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Baba needs help filing taxes, and the deadline is tonight! Help Baba in order to make it in time.

Left mouse button - write & draw
Mousewheel - scroll
W/S or Up/Down arrow - scroll

Sounds from Freesound.org:
page-turn by mydo1
clock by tetrisrocker
writing-pen by rui-aires

Extensions used:
Sound Player by Lukas Meller
Surface by Lukas Meller
ForEach by Ross Pickett

Made using Multimedia Fusion 2 by Clickteam

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(285 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsAnime, Casual, Creepy, Horror, Mouse only, Pixel Art, precision, Short, Singleplayer, Story Rich


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has anyone gotten the max score on the multiple choice answers? it seems like you could at least brute force that it you marked the boxes in the right way.




A game where the idea is to fill out taxes sounds extremely strange but I can't stop thinking about Baba's face full of stress when faced with something that many people really don't know how to deal with and for which many turn to accountants to take care of it. your taxes.

At least I don't feel that the game clearly indicates what it wants from you, but in the end the game qualifies how much you pay attention to the shapes of the document but mainly how much the signatures resemble Baba's, something curious about that is that of course Yes, making many signatures in a row is tiring and it is normal that the form of the signature is not always the same, but trying to duplicate a signature instead of your own makes things more difficult.

Curious game that parodies how frustrating it is to do government procedures, but it is fine as a small but certainly original experience

accurate simulation of filing your bloody taxes

the game described in 3 words: baba files taxes
(the same as the title)


Mildly addictive good stuff!

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who are you

I think it normally would show what the signature looks like under your face-cam.

I like this silly game.

one of the games ever


I didn't even know this was official when I saw Icely play it...

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Even BaBa has to do taxes and i have learned i am scared to do taxes, not much feedback i can really give but thanks for the fun little game



Why is this so FUN?

jesus, now i know how taxes are boring and scary, my highscore is 127

what about the uncombined scores?


i want to switch existence with baba


I've commited tax fraud and have no regrets. Your game starts at 2:57

kinda thought this was a fangame lol


I did my best to hel, though I fear I may have cause more harm than good...I'm not that great at taxes either...

at least a free game by hempuli

11/10, good gameplay, had a good laugh ;D

this game made me happy thank you

lol, this game is so silly, my assignature doenst really matches baba's lmao

Finally, a game that will teach me something that school didn't; and I get to help somebody!

Linux version?


just use that

Wine generally has mixed compatibility with itch.io games. Depending on what engine/framework the game was created in, it might be easier for the creator to make a Linux download available.

ah, I didn't know that. I only used it with like one or two games, and it worked fine for me then


As someone who prepares taxes professionally, this is an amazing and accurate game. Wonderfully done!


i'll download this just so i can commit tax fraud



This was possibly the most accurate tax-game available. 



hi the game was  simple and fun ,great work i made new game (bvb-guess ) too if want check my game and tell any bug or new things that i can add to it ,thank you


a sweet friend in need, how could I refuse?

Yeah true




baba my beloved <3


poor baba im so glad i could help


I love how this is official.
The sequel we needed.



A cute game about Baba needing help with taxes. you must forge her name to help her not to go to jail for tax evasion.

Overall 10/10 really funny an cute game


Great Game! I thoroughly enjoyed it!



I don't know why baba came to me for help, I can't do my own taxes either (the IRS is after me, this is my 12th identity)


I guess you have to make this your 13th identity.. you exposed yourself!

Was anyone able to run it on Linux? I’m using Ubuntu 21.10.

It starts, the sound/music seems to work but no visuals.

Are you using Wine?  The game worked fine for me with the development version of wine on Linux Mint 21.1 Cinnamon.

You could also try using Proton, but that didn't work for me

my default wine is very simple. I use Lutris with latest proton. Running directly thru lutris instead the itchio client solved!


This game helped me to calm down a bit from my worries :)


i hate taxes

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